Saturday, December 1, 2012

2 Brides out 4 $

Hello everyone, sorry about the week-long hiatus, but I haven't been unproductive.

I occasionally instant message with KS_1985 (of ES_amputee_women_by_KS fame), mostly exchanging caption ideas and morphs. Anyway, he sent me a great morph and I decided to make a few quick morphs of my own.

A caption popped to mind, so now I've made the morphs into a short series. I picked these pics mostly for the facial expressions, as I'm a sucker for annoyed and angry-looking women. The story revolves around two gold digger rivals who go to extreme lengths to become a made-woman. And features Briana Banks and Kelly Madison as the models.

I've got a bit more to talk about, so why don't you all click on the Read More button, check out the new captions, and then come back here to read the rest of this. :-)


As I said in my last post, I've been in a story-writing mood for a while now. This past week or so, I've written two chapters of a new erotic story. It's probably the only hard science fiction erotica you'll find on the internet.

(If you're interested, the main plot takes place in the distant future on an alien planet, and focuses on a powerful Ruler dealing with an outbreak of a man-made virus that transforms women into humiliating and bizarre shapes. Really bizarre. It'll have some of my stranger ideas on display.)

It has a real plot and real characters, so the erotica-per-page ratio is a bit low, but it is giving me a chance to work in a bunch of my fantasies that never really fit into other settings. The way things are looking, this story will end up around 50,000 words or more. That's pretty much a real novel, so I'm kind of thinking I might try my hand at publishing it as an ebook. Maybe, maybe not. Not sure if there is a market for it, actually. The plot is turning out to be sort of an erotic version of Dune, but only superficially. Not really what I had originally planned, but my stories usually evolve into their own direction, no matter how much I plan things out ahead of time. (Really I was mostly inspired by Evil-Dolly's story, Eudeamon. It's already an ebook you can buy, but you can also read it for free here: If you haven't read it before, I can't recommend it enough. It is both interesting as a story/plot and really erotic.)

Thanks to the holidays, I'm going to be pretty busy with work for the next month, and I'll probably be spending most of my free time working on my big story. Which may never end up going anywhere. Plus I'm already working on two other non-erotic sci fi stories for a friend, and those might take precedence. I'll try to get a few more captions done though, so that you all don't get totally left out.

On the plus side, if the story works out, it'll probably lead to me writing more stuff, including for this blog. Right now I'm averaging about 2,000 words a day, not including notes, which is just phenomenally fast for me. Hopefully that will spill over into my captions too.


So, thanks again for all of your comments, and thanks for sticking around here, even when it becomes a ghost town. 5 captions, after the break. Admittedly, I spent more effort on the morphs than the story, but hopefully you'll all like both. :-)

- B-Rex


  1. Erm.... well can't say that this is my kinda thing but in the end seeing the two fuck faces and the maid ending its still a good post.
    ps the story u r working on sounds good, look forward to reading it.

  2. Enjoyed the caps and really liking the sound of that story, will hope you can keep your current steam then!

  3. Great sulky expressions! :D If I find a good pouty face it always goes into the 'to-caption' file.

    I like the amputation angle, too. (Is there *anything* that doesn't turn me on?) x

  4. The TFs were a bit extreme for my tastes, but the idea of dueling rivals out-slutting one another definitely does it for me.


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