Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Slave Who Saved Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!!

I had hoped to have posted this a day or so ago, but now's as good a time as any. This is just a very short series of captions, and I'm afraid the font might be a bit hard to read at times, but it just looked too perfect for the season to change. Like a couple of real Christmas Cards. I've posted the caption texts after each image, anyway. :-)

I originally wanted to make this a short poem, but I'm terrible at writing rhymes. Hopefully it'll still put a smile on your faces.

These are just a few more morphs, and this marks my very first animated GIF caption. It's huge, about 1MB, but now that I know how to make them, I might try a few more....

Merry Christmas, and thanks to everyone for visiting and commenting! Have a happy holiday!

- B-Rex

Caption 1:
The other slave girls never liked Ruby. She was cursed with an annoyingly high-pitched voice, that drove the other girls crazy. Ever since Master brought Ruby home one day, the other slave girls never let her join in their night-long orgies. Ruby was saddened, and lonely.

Then one day, the other slaves sent Ruby away, spending their meager resources to have her undergo a strange and secretive surgical procedure, as a present to their loving Master. Their Master was himself eager to see what Ruby would look like when she returned. He had gifted all of this other slaves with massive implants over the years, and thought that they might have given Ruby a set of fake tits of her own.

But then on Christmas Eve, Ruby returned, wrapped in a giant present. The Master couldn't contain his excitement, and opened the gift early. Out popped Ruby, the bells on her ears jingling loudly. The Master was shocked to see that her breasts were still flat as ever. But her mouth! In place of that talkative hole, was a bright, shiny new pussy fuck-hole!

Candy, his favorite slave, exclaimed, “She'll never talk again, Master. But that's not all!” Candy giggled with glee as she pulled out a remote and pointed it at Ruby the pussy-faced slave.

Caption 2:

To the delight of her Master - and to her own shock and horror - Ruby's new clitoris erupted in bright red light! Candy giggled again, “Isn't it amazing, Master? We had a little LED embedded in her nose-clit!”

The bright light began to grow brighter and brighter, flashing on and off. The other slaves began to laugh, with such passion that their Master had to ask what was so funny. 

Candy explained, “The light is designed to glow brighter in relation to her level of arousal, Master. The hornier she gets, the more she glows!”

Everyone knew that Ruby was turned on by her own humiliation, like all good slave girls. As the other slaves pointed and laughed, poor Ruby's new nose just glowed brighter still. A horrible cycle of humiliation and arousal overtook her.

Caption 3:

But Ruby would have the last laugh. Later that day, a horrible blizzard blew up without warning, trapping Master and his harem of slaves. The other slaves stood along the roadside, flashing their immense breasts at passing motorists, but the driving snow was blinding and even the largest pair of tits were impossible to see!

As the day wore on, and the temperature dropped, hope began to dwindle. The slaves huddled together for warmth, wondering if they would ever get to see Christmas Day.

But Master looked at Ruby, still hiding her face from the other girls, and had an idea! “Ruby,” he said, “Bring your wonderful nose here!”

Sheltered by her Master's own coat, Ruby stood along the roadside, flashing her bright nose-clit. In no time at all, a passing car saw her and pulled over. And thus Ruby saved her Master and fellow slave girls from the dreadful blizzard. 

Caption 4:

Her Master was so grateful, he promised to get her any present she wanted, but all she wanted was him! She leaped happily into her Master's arms, while the other slave girls looked on, burning with shame and jealousy.

As her arousal grew, her new nose lit up her Master's face with brilliant light! Ruby got to spend the whole night alone with her Master, and was soon his new favorite!

He was so happy with Ruby, he decided to send the other girls off for surgeries of their very own! When the doctors were finished with them, he'd have an entire team of slave girls, each with a new pussy-face and a pair of antlers on their heads! He'd soon train them to pull a sleigh, to avoid this problem in the future.

And his favorite slave girl of all, little Ruby, would lead the team and light their way through next year's blizzard!
The End! 

Merry Christmas, everyone!


  1. Merry Xmas, B-Rex!

    (Are they surgically-implanted antlers? Intrigued!) x

    1. Thanks and a very Merry Christmas to you, as well! As to the antlers, if a woman can have her mouth rebuilt into a new vagina, I don't see why surgically implantable antlers should be all that much of a challenge. Hard to find appropriate pics, however! ;-)

      I've got a very short 2 part series I'll post tomorrow. I know how you like the shorter, self-contained stories. This one will be a quick little revenge fantasy, with some simple forced surgeries.

      - B-Rex


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