Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Present - 2 new captions and a link

I hope everyone had a happy holiday. I'm buried under 9 inches of snow at the moment, but I like snow. :-)

 Here's a quick little 2 caption series, a simple revenge fantasy with a little unwanted surgery for spice.

Also, I keep forgetting to mention this, but a few weeks ago Leila Stoat mentioned my blog on her own as part of her Wonderful Blogs List, and even made a wonderful tribute caption in my own style! It really is a great cap, with all my favorite kinks! If you haven't visited her site, please do so:  The TGCube

Caps after the break,
- B-Rex

Present 1

Present 2


  1. I saw what you did there.

    Cant help but wonder why she was wearing a skimpy top with no matching bottoms~

    Alas. Nice Cap! Thankyou for finally doing a Non Pussyface cap! Been too long!

  2. Awwwn, thanks a lot, that acknowledgement means so much ^w^ And it's so good we apparently share so much in terms of the debasing of dem ladies. That's why I love this blog.

    And going in about the cap, hey, why stopping there, there's so much that can be done to help her with that night job and make her look more like the brainless bimbo she is ;D

    (well, as long as no pussyfaces are involved, I hope)

  3. Excellent morphs. It would be even better if you would make it into a series, for each holiday the new wife gets to modify the ex some more.

  4. Excellent work. A delicious piece of revenge.
    And yes, I'd love to see Sheila becoming progressively more clownish and exaggerated, with even bigger breasts, plumped-up lips, garish tattooed-on makeup, &c. Sort of like the Prank War, but with only one victim.
    Of course, to "justify" (or anyway, rationalize) a punishment that severe, she'd probably have had to do something worse than just adultery -- perhaps a murder plot....
    But as the story stands, it's a delicious little slice of (wretched) life, and that also is a good thing, very enjoyable.

  5. Again great work.
    I would like the humiliation to progress in a psychology direction or with a speech impediment, but the story is pretty nicely completed in only two photo captions anyways.


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