Sunday, December 9, 2012

Camp Counselor

Here's a very quick caption. I think this is my first single cap since before I started the Prank War series. I know Alyssa was hoping I'd return to making single caps again, so here you go.

And I've capped one of my newer pussyface morphs. Its nothing special. I know a lot of you don't care for pussyface morphs, so sorry to post another one. I just like the challenge of making them, more than anything else.

Also, I'm still working on the next chapter of Scarlett's little schoolgirl adventure. It'll be a few more days until I'm ready, I think.

- B-Rex

I really liked this picture.


  1. You're making me feel bad! ;) What I like abot the smaller series is that they're self contained, so you can remember why exactly these haughty bitches are getting their comeuppance ;)

    I don't normally go for pussyface caps, but I liked this one a lot because it has a nice dash of plausibility :D

  2. I'm glad you liked it, sorry for singling you out like that though. :) I might make a few more single short caps/series soon.

    - B-Rex

  3. i like your pussy face morphs ive never seen any before so its new to me but here is a suggestion that came to mind when i read that caption, instead of writing that the girl has had multiple operations to have her face mutilated into looking like a cunt, she could instead have just one or two operations to both remove her own cunt and implant it onto her face, this way she would have the added frustration of not being able to orgasm and her breathing would create a vibration/tickle that would tease the nerve ending in her clit on her face constantly keeping her aroused

    1. How about if the victim has severe facial deformities -- damage to facial bones when she tried to flee from a botched robbery, maybe, so it's her own fault -- but then a reclusive millionaire offers reconstructive surgery.

      "I promise you, I won't be satisfied until I look into your face and see the most beautiful girl in the world". He doesn't mention that the beautiful face he most desires to see might not be to everyone's taste.

      Here's another thought, inspired by the retractors shoved into poor Molly's mouth: suppose that as a form of psychological torture, a woman's captors talk and act as though her vulva were her face, and her mouth were her vagina? Including things like forcing a speculum into her mouth for a "gyno exam", taping her mouth shut with a tampon shoved into it, &c. With lots of dicks shoved in there as well, naturally.

    2. The transplant surgery is what I imagine for my own pussyface morphs and captions (in my yahoo group), too. Not only do they gain a sensitive face-vagina, but also do they look smooth like Barbie dolls between their legs.
      Sometimes I add a tracheostomy for unobstructed breathing. That makes a pussyface mute, of course. But also able to deepthroat for extended periods. And to keep a pussyface aroused, a nose/clit piercing can be applied.

      Anyway, I'm happy about any nice pussyface image and caption, and those made by B-Rex are getting better and better!



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