Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thanks Everyone! And some news for the week!

Thanks for the comments, everyone! I know I don't reply to your comments nearly enough, but generally when I start replying, people stop commenting on a post. I'm not really sure why though. Anyway, if you've commented and I haven't replied, I just want you to know that I am reading all of them and I do appreciate it greatly when you take the time to let me know how you fill about my stories and captions.

I'm working pretty much solid from now to sometime in January, thanks to the holidays, so posting might be rather sporadic. I'll try to add something every few days, though it might not always be a proper caption or story. Maybe a few morphs or something like that. At least until next year, when I should have more free time. (Unless the Mayans are right. ;-) Until then, I'll still be writing my erotic sci-fi story.

And now that I know my Schoolgirl story hasn't totally frightened everyone away, I'll continue it too. I've written about half of the next chapter tonight, so depending on how much free time I get this week, I'll have it posted sometime soon. Expect around 3,000 words again, or so.

One quick question though, does everyone like the pictures, or were they unnecessary? They took about as long to find (or morph) as writing the story did. If they enhanced the experience, I'll put more in the next chapter, but if they just got in the way of reading, I'll probably leave them out. Just need a little feedback.

Oh, and I'll put a few of my pussyface morphs after the break, just for fun. They aren't really captioned, but you can make your own caption and post it in the comments.

- B-Rex

Annabelle Lecter, infamous cockgobbler, prepares for her day in court.

Lisa wasn't much of a talker anymore, but she sure was fun at parties!
"You just pucker up and blow!"


  1. Not finished the chapter yet, been waiting until I have time to read it and enjoy it, but from the little bit I did I can say that the pictures will probably help the experience, but if they're taking too long to find then don't worry about them!

  2. I do like the pictures with the story but don't think they added to it so it would not matter to much if you missed them out.
    cap for pic 1 Having lost the key to her chasatity belt and pussy face cage annie wondered were she could place a third pussy.
    pic 2 if ken fucked her pussyface anydeeper lisa worried his swinging balls would give her two black eyes.

  3. Pussyface doesn't do it for me, for whatever reason. But I am very glad other folks like them, since you are definitely good at making them.

    I always did wonder why "vagina dentata" was supposedly the ultimate male fear, when almost every man loves a blowjob, and what is that if it isn't feeding the old man to a maw full of teeth?

    Oh, one more thought about pussyfacin' and the like: have you ever heard of Galinthis, the prostitute and midwife? Depending on who's telling the story, either Hera cursed her for successfully birthing Hercules and turned into a weasel, or Hera cursed her for introducing fellatio to the city of Thebes and caused her to give birth to all her children through her mouth, as (according to ancient belief) weasels did. Seems like there could be an interesting story in that....

    1. It's funny you mention Galinthias, because something related happens in my erotic sci-fi story that I'm writing right now. Though it isn't technically birth-thru-mouth, but same basic premise.

      I'm glad you think my pussyface morphs are good, even if you don't care for the fetish itself. I'm not entirely into it either, but I can see the appeal, from a purely humiliation perspective. As for "vagina dentata", I don't know if you've ever read Snow Crash, but I read that book when I was a teen, and I still have an odd fear of needles...down there. -Shudders-

      - B-Rex

  4. I totally agree with the 'Pussy-Face doesn't do it for me' concept.


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