Monday, July 1, 2013

A New Blog and two new Midnight Surgeon caps

Happy 1st of July, everyone!

I've deleted my Ebooks Page and the Sidebar links too, due to the situation mentioned in the previous post from last week. I've started a new blog, just for my Tabitha Kohls persona, and that blog will house all my ebooks links for the foreseeable future. It is called Humbled Harlots, one of the names I almost chose for this blog, almost a year ago today. I will post ebook links and free short stories there. I added a totally new Age Regression tale there yesterday, and I'll have a link to my new ebook there in a few minutes too.

I'm going to use Humbled Harlots as a sort of experiment, to see if Google deletes it or not. It isn't connected to my B-Rex account in anyway, so if it is deleted, this blog should be unaffected.

However, I still think having a backup is a good idea, because you never know. So please continue to sign up for my yahoo group, Absurd Tales. Please leave a short message mentioning Degraded Damsels, so I know you aren't a spammer.  So far 77 people have joined, which is great! Thank you! :-)

And now for today, I have made two new Midnight Surgeon caps. This is just a short beginning, but I plan to continue this into a full series, which I am calling Cowed. Eventually I hope to show the full making of a new cowgirl.

I hope you enjoy,

- B-Rex


  1. Nasty good fun, just the sort of thing I come here for.
    Well, not the limb amputations, although I can see that something of the sort would be necessary. But the forced lactation in captivity...? Yowie.

  2. Oh wow, that took an even darker turn at the end of the second caption. Nice work, and I look forward to the next part.


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