Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Midnight Surgeon on Vacation

Happy Saturday! Here's a new Midnight Surgeon two-parter, sort-of a version of the story teaser I posted a few posts back.

The Midnight Surgeon goes on vacation and picks up a souvenir! I'm thinking of using Tigerr Juggs for when the MS gives his new toy implants in a future installment.

Please enjoy,

- B-Rex

PS. The Ebook poll has ended, and it looks like Body-Mod and Mind Control/Bimbofication has won. I'm working on a sequel to Angela's Last Resort, which will feature a good bit of forced breast implants, piercings, some more tattooing, and lots of humiliating slave training. I like mind control and bimbos, but I don't have any real good ideas for that just at the moment. But I'm sure I'll get to it eventually. Thanks to everyone who voted! It is very helpful! :-)


  1. Oh my, I hope Kim Li liked the taste she got, because she's probably going to have a lot of it in the future! ^.^

    And I just can't wait to see more of this thread of the Surgeon's series. Can't go wrong with Tigerr and a new slutty identity to a person that had things like a future and a career.

  2. Love the Midnight Surgeon!! I wonder what perverted plans he has for her!

  3. Great setup, and I love the touch of the incompetent cops munching on donuts while our reluctant heroine gets a mouthful of cock.

    Like Maria I'm very keen to see what happens when Kim Li joins his collection!

  4. Considering that Tigerr Juggs already looks as though the Midnight Surgeon has had a crack at her, I am definitely looking forward to the rest of this series.

  5. Oh yes, Tigerr is a favorite subject for my digital surgeries as well. Surely she's a perfect specimen for the Midnight Surgeon. IRL she might even be a willing one :-P



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