Saturday, July 6, 2013

Princess 10 and new poll

UPDATED: New Poll added; if you've purchased one of my ebooks before or plan to some day, please vote. Thank you!!! :-)

While I'm waiting to heal up from my root canal and ear infection, here's a quick new caption for my TG Princess Patty series. I hope to have the next Princess cap up tomorrow.

I'm going to wait to continue my Prank War caps until I'm feeling better. I've already got the rest of this Princess series planned out in my head, so it is easier for me.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this one!

- B-Rex

P.S. I'm also trying to decide what sort of theme to work on for my next Ebook. I'll try to set up a poll sometime in the next few days, if I can, either here or at Humbled Harlots, or at both blogs.

I've got a long Forced Lactation story in the pipeline, that Meisa has been helping me with, but it'll be a while before I can finish it. I've got to get back into the mood first.

Basically, I'm trying to decide whether I should do another Extreme Body-Mod tale, like Amy's Whore Makeover, or write an Age Regression tale instead. I've been rereading some of Daring Diane's stories the past week or so, and I've got a nice little AR story burning in the back of my mind right now. Plus the free AR story I put up on Humbled Harlots sort of sparked things off. I've got some nice ideas either way, but can't decide what to work on first.

So, what sort of tale would you all prefer? Body-Mod, or Age Regression? Or something else entirely? I'm totally open to suggestions.


  1. i really enjoyed the body mod story you gave the teaser seems it could really evolve into an excellent much potential

  2. personally I wound favor the AR story.

  3. I'd love to see mind control/bimbo transformation myself! Always been a massive fan of that sub genre

  4. you should do an amalgamy of everything above....body mods with some bimbo/ mind control with some ar peppered in for good could be one of your greatest stories yet!

  5. AR story seconded! Though the bimbo tf/mind control suggestion is intriguing as well even though it isn't an option.

  6. @ cool guy - Actually it is, old bean!

  7. I love any forced irreversible stuff, such as piercings, tattoos etc so carry on....

  8. If you ever write a sequel to Amy's Whore Makeover, I've got your £2 right here! x

  9. how about a full story about your full service unit story I have an idea about how she can hope to make her quota install her at a football stadium .. of course they only play once a week so it will still take awhile also put a ring gag on her or something else cause someone might complain about all the talking she does also maybe do some mods to her .. just an idea

  10. I am reluctant to express an opinion, since my wife and I are currently in such straits that I haven't yet actually bought any of your for-profit stories, much as I'd like to.
    But, that aside, I would like to see what I have always liked to see: a strong woman (or a tough tomboy) being made over into a man-pleasing bimbo.

  11. I loved Amy's Whore Makeover. Anything transforming something innocent and beautiful into something marred and used is surely welcomed. Young to middle age AP is also cool!


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