Monday, July 8, 2013

Princess 11 and 12

I meant to post these yesterday, but real life intervened. Sorry about that. :-(

Thanks everyone for all the great comments on the previous post, they are all very helpful. Please continue to give me feedback on your preferences for my next Ebook. I'd still love to hear all your preferences, so please feel free to continue commenting in this post.

I'm starting to think a Midnight Surgeon-type story would be fun to write, but I'm still not sure how dark to go. Would amputations be too far?

Or some BDSM/Training elements? I know the whole Master/Slave thing is a bit commonplace right now, especially after the whole "50 Shades" thing, and all. But I've got some nice petplay/ponygirl ideas I'd like to try out, if there is interest in that sort of thing. I don't want to alienate anyone, though, or bore them. I just like some training-type elements (as this Princess series has shown a bit).

Oh, and thank you all for participating in the poll too; and if you haven't voted yet, please do!

Now, Princess 11 and 12. This was just one caption, but it got way too long, and I had to split it off into two separate caps. Worked out pretty well, I think. Let me know what you think, please.

- B-Rex


  1. maybe some mind control with some bdsm training that is used to break the person or to make them more susceptible to mind control

  2. Hmm... maybe BDSM has become mainstream... but you could always spice it up with some extreme mind control or, even better, conditioning.

    And I can't wait to see Princess' reaction to the punchline here. Heeheehee ^.^

  3. I'm still not normally a fan of M2F, but I really loved the part of these latest captions where Molly began forcing Patty to send daily pictures telling Jake how much her tits miss him, and putting together a plan to make Pat post hourly updates about his implants soon. That would have been a great idea for Sheila/Sally in the Present series too. :D

  4. My apologies. I voted in the poll before I noticed it was supposed to only be for paying customers (which I am not, though I hope to be soon).

    As for the Midnight Surgeon, I'm not sure how well amputation will appeal. It doesn't appeal to me personally, unless it's in the service of building something especially interesting (hint: I liked "Mary and the Veterinarian").

  5. Ah, I always enjoy it when the victims naivete plays into their demise. Yes, I expect Patty is in for a (unpleasant) surprise when she gets her protein fix. :)

    It was also a nice touch to see her 'adapting' to the Sissy Trainer. I wonder if she's even considering how to escape from her predicament any more? She certainly seems to be just focused on Jake getting back so she can get out from under Molly's thumb!


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