Wednesday, July 31, 2013

V for Victory - Nerdification Caption

Meant to post this back on Monday, but my internet has been down for several days now thanks to constant rain. Hopefully that is over. I've never seen a summer with so much rain before.

This is a quick cap with a Nerd TF. I rewrote this at least five times, because I have a lot of little details to put in and couldn't find a way to cram all of my ideas into it. I could probably write a story along these lines, with even more humiliating details.

Anyway, it is basically a reworking of my first Prank War caption, Sai What, but a much more permanent. :-)

I've also been working on the MS series, but nothing is clicking just yet. I'll keep trying though, I've got some awesome pics.

Despite the constant rewrites, I'm still not totally happy with this cap, but hopefully it works. It is very wide, I didn't really have enough room for the whole caption. So I might need to crop it to be readable.

- B-Rex


  1. What a fun cap! I love the ears.

  2. Aww yes yes yesssss! *u*

    This is one of the least explored scenarios in the already not very large pool of female degradation captions. And I love it! SO MUCH!

    Granted, the Nerd TF is a bit limited in scope(it has to take part in an environment where being a nerd even matters :P) but I do enjoy the polar opposite of the bimbo transformation, that is, making a sexy attractive desirable lady into an undesirable one. Or just plain ugly. ^.^ And I'd love to see more of that.

    Well, I blabbed enough. :P So just thanks for the cap and keep up the good work! ^^

  3. Ha ha! Every single nerd she sees throughout that entire week will be barely able to keep their hands off her. Many will likely fail to in the end. It's only logical... :D

    I just came up with a new idea completely at random as I thought about other ways to add to her transformation. If she could only talk to others with distinct phrases that were characteristic of her new "race", that would REALLY make the nerds geek out. This could be accomplished with some sort of shock collar locked on the girl, which triggers when it detects her throat saying something outside of pre-saved, approved patterns (i.e. approved words/phrases).

  4. I would like to suggest one addition: A green "YES" membership badge (or tattoo) in the OSBP (

  5. I concur! Would LOVE to see some nerd tf, it's a very untapped source of fun! Hot, pretty popular girls, turned into dweeby, nerdy, unattractive social rejects... ^#^


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