Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Midnight Surgeon

So here's a somewhat darker caption I've been working on, sort of a throwback to my earlier captions back when this blog started last Summer. I've been morphing this particular image for ages, trying out different ideas, until a decent caption-idea came to me.

I often make multiple morphs of an image before settling on something I like and the rest gets lost in my huge picture folders. So this time I've decided to include a few of the other morphs I made, to give a sort of behind-the-scenes look at the process that goes into a completed caption and show you what gets left on the cutting room floor. Some of these aren't totally polished, but still look pretty good, in my humble opinion. :-)

The caption and the morphs are after the break, as always. Please let me know what you think of this approach. I personally have always enjoyed seeing the process elaborated on by other captioneers in the past, so hopefully some of you will also enjoy this. And as for the caption itself, I like the idea of a mad surgeon altering random women against their will, so I'll probably make a few more caps like this in the future. It's a good setting to explore some my darker surgical alteration ideas.

- B-Rex

The Finished Caption Itself

Firstly, the finished caption. My first attempt was a single column on the right side, as per usual, but I think splitting the caption into two columns was the right decision. Plus it cut about 100 pixels from the width.

The Full-size Finished Morph
The Original Image

I added the nose ring, puffed up the lips a bit, and tried to make the lower lip look only partially enlarged, and I added in the syringe. The original image is included, for comparison.That ring-shadow was tricky! But it is those little things that can really make or break a morph.


Below are a few variations I made, before settling on the above morph. Ultimately, the final morph was the 14th variation. These are just a few of the more interesting ones.

A Few Piercings

I added a few piercings and darkened them a bit to fit the lighting better.

A Lot of Piercings

Then I tried adding a whole mess of piercings. I like the basic idea but never polished the morph, so the piercings are all the same and too bright to match the face.

A Little Tattoo For Fun
A More Gothic Tattooing

And of course, I always like forced tattooing. First I tried a simple embarrassing tattoo. Then I tried a bit more. I like how the tattooed eyeliner makes the eyes pop out, though the lips didn't work as well. I do like the idea of a forced Goth-ish transformation. Kind of an anti-Bimbo transformation, dark colors instead of garish pinks and reds.

Maybe a future victim will experience that in a caption. The Midnight Surgeon might even go so far as to capping her canine teeth, to help her fit in with the wannabe-vampire crowd. That could be lots of fun. :-)


  1. WOW. I'd be curious to see those 'duck lips' once they're finished.

  2. great captioned story, i hope thiers more to come of this one and i hope we see how she turns out in the end

  3. You are the master of morph. I tried to do a caption for you but gave up because it looked so lame. 14 attempts that is dedication.

  4. Nice to see some of the work that goes into your captions, not just the work that goes into making it but the many ideas that you try out and discard along the way.

  5. Good to see you back in action after your recent accident B-Rex!

    Another great cap and an interesting insight into some of the truly deviant ideas knocking around in your head.

    Keep it up - The Midnight Surgeon should definitely strike again!

  6. I adore this story! Please, let the Surgeon find more victims to alter to his whims. I would love to see more of the poor victims as well and what their lives are like afterwards.
    Welcome back, you haven't lost any of your magic!

  7. Hey b-rex, would you still be willing to do the gothic tattooing idea

    1. I would. Actually meant to do one,but obviously got distracted by all the other fun little ideas that pop into my head.

      - B-Rex


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