Monday, January 12, 2015

Accommodating Valerie

Happy Monday!

Here's a quick caption, more build-up than anything else really. I'd have probably dragged the ending out into a second part, but I don't really have a good matching picture. Hopefully this works well enough just as it is, though.

Obviously, this isn't a prize cap for either Meisa or Femslut, but I'll get to those when I can. I'm pretty busy at the moment writing my next ebook, but should have the rest of the prize captions finished later this week.

Also, I've changed the layout/color scheme of the blog a bit. Let me know what you all think. I'm still not really sure what to do to make older posts easier to find. I tried a few different settings for the blog archive widget, but nothing works as well as the current setting. I'll keep working on it, I guess.



  1. Yes, this setup could easily accommodate a series, perhaps with new techniques of stimulation added as time goes by.
    I have always thought orgasm denial was not as sexy as orgasm milking. While more often used on male submissives than women, it is possible (and fun) to cause a woman to have more orgasms than she actually wants -- even more than she can stand.

  2. Was fun watching her scheme unravel in ways she could never have predicted. Part of me suspects the warden is partly getting his own back, am I wrong?

  3. Could you have made this a full length story?


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