Monday, January 26, 2015

Hoover Girl

Happy Monday, everybody! Sorry for the lack of posts last week, but I wasn't slouching; I wrote probably 12,000 words on my final Plastic Surgeon's Revenge ebook, and actually finished it too!

The Plastic Surgeon's Revenge 3 is already up on Smashwords and should be up for sale on Amazon in a few hours. It'll be another day or two before it goes live on Barnes & Noble and Kobo, though. Once everything is live, I'll put full links over on the writing blog, Humbled Harlots, as well some details on my plans for this year and for being more productive. I really want HH to be more active this year, maybe start putting up more free stories again.

Anyway, TPSR3 is over 20,000 words long, making it easily my longest story yet. However, due to this length, I've raised the prize from my usual amount to $3.99, just like I did with my earlier 17K word story, The (Living) Doll. Hopefully you'll all find it worth the prize though.

And now that all of that's taken care of, onto today's caption!

This somewhat silly caption started during an IM chat with KS_1985 the other day, and uses one of his morphs. He has lots of other nice morphs on his site, so be sure to check them out if you haven't already.

I'm working on capping another of his morphs, but it isn't ready just yet. Maybe later this week, though once again I'm going to be quite busy with a writing project, so new posts might be just a bit scarce.

Have a fun week, everyone!

- B-Rex


  1. Very unusual, and kind of interesting, but I'm a little confused about the ending note. I would've assumed that the clog being there would be much easier, and a relief. Is there something about the attachment that I missed, or is Roslyn just really outraged that she wasted her time?

    1. I might have been too subtle; the idea is that Roslyn has just spent 2 hours sucking on the Hoover Girl's asshole to remove the clog, only to learn too late that the girl has been trying to tell her the clog was in the separate attachment the whole time. If she had been less dismissive and paid closer attention to the appliance, she would have avoided the whole humiliating ordeal. Hope that explains it a bit better.

      - B-Rex

  2. Yes, rather silly, not my sort of thing usually, but still fun, and so I rated it.

  3. This caption is both excellent and sucks ass ;) It's fantastic! I must admit I was a little confused too but that was my own fault because I assumed from the picture it would be a mistress/slave story but the story was much cleverer than that.


  4. I love this, it's a nice change. Really like the idea of being "repurposed" for other uses...


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