Thursday, January 8, 2015

Vice 2

Huzzah! I'm back, and finally feeling good again. :-)

To start the year off at last, here's my first prize caption for Meisa. It's not as boob-humiliation themed as I'd intended, as I had to cut a lot of fun little phrases for length, but hopefully you'll find it a worthy prize anyway.

This cap is a sequel to my old Vice cap, which you might prefer to re-read first, otherwise this new installment may not make a whole lot of sense.

Besides new captions, I've also been making a few changes to this blog. A lot of people have had some trouble lately finding my old captions, so I'm trying to fix that. I'm just getting started, and will probably be redesigning a lot of Degraded Damsel's layout, background, and changing some setting for my various widgets.

Hopefully, this will all make things a bit easier to find. :-)

- Berserkasaurus Rex


  1. It's a good one B-Rex, thank you. :) Unfortunate that you had a bunch more zinger moments to spring on her that didn't make it, but the swinging and thrusting around that you were able to fit is great. Still really excited to see the other ones too!

  2. Excellent! I am really happy you've decided to do a sequel to that old favorite of mine that begged to be continued. I love this wicked combination of reduced status and being stuck as someone you impersonate. Shame you had to cut it though, the bigger the better!

  3. Fantastic story aside, I'm always stunned by how gorgeous your caps look. They are so well put together. Also the story is perfect. Love it! Zoli

  4. Much like "Christmas Pie", a worthy successor to a post I was very fond of already.
    Next, how about an illustrated sequel to "Filling In"?

  5. Great job on both the caption and the changes to your site.


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