Monday, August 3, 2015

Contest Winners

So, after a great deal of thought, I've managed to decide on a winner for my Superheroine Caption Contest. This has actually been pretty difficult to do, because there really were quite a few captions that I really, really enjoyed, often for very different reasons.

The Winners

There is just no way I can narrow it down to just one winning caption, so I've picked four winners. They are, in no particular order:

Meisa, for his wonderfully puntastic caption. I love the character he created, Punny Money, and I've actually thought up several more caption ideas that would use her. I like the general wackiness of the caption, with the not-so-evil-afterall villainess somehow getting her hands on a shrink ray, and fun way she uses it to teach her victim a lesson. That last line is just wonderful; I'm a sucker for bad puns.

q, for his Barbara Gordon mind-control caption. I enjoyed the Power Girl cap as well, but the dialogue in the Batgirl cap was just wonderful, and I always like a mind-control scenario where the victim is aware of what they are being made to say and do.

Doctor Psycho, for his Black Widow caption. I loved the use of a Life Model Decoy as an excuse to force the little assassin to get her boobs done. It's just such a very clever use of a real comic book technology, and I liked the realization that Stark was no doubt the real reason behind the enhanced bosom. All it really needs is a final quote from Fury about how he actually preferred the PAWG version of her LMD, himself.

And finally, Dame Maree, for that wonderfully inventive series, that managed to make a coherent story out of a great many of the contest pics, which is impressive all in itself. I like the many different fetishes that were hit upon, most particularly the lip expansion and subsequent lisping.

Honorable Mentions

Really, everyone is an honorable mention, but these are the captions that stuck out the best to me:

Nivek, for his AlphaGirl caption. I liked the way he setup the scenario, an invincible superheroine feeling (justifiably) confident that the villain who has caught her is no real threat. And I loved the method the villain came up with to turn the tables on the heroine. The fact that her fate was seemingly permanent was a very nice touch, for me.

Energizer, for his Crimson Lotus caption. I just really enjoyed the way the villain turned the heroine's powers against her, and way she was given new, permanent fetishes.

Finally, Zoligomyst, Namazuros, and Leila all submitted captions with very fun central ideas, from Zoligomyst's camera that sees (or perhaps creates) humiliating futures, Namazuros' magnetic bondage and particularly fun means of rendering a villainess' powers useless, to Leila's fun predicament bondage scenario. All were very clever and well done.


So, that's the winners folks. I do hope I didn't hurt anyone's feelings or discourage anyone I didn't mention. But with 14 contributors, it's difficult enough just picking my favorite captions. I did try to give everyone my personal thoughts on what I enjoyed most about their caption(s) in my reply emails when the captions were originally submitted.

With the winners now announced, I will now like to start working on the prizes. I will make a caption (preferably somehow superheroine-themed) for each winner, along whatever basic guidelines they come up with, just like in the past contests. So please, Meisa, Doctor Psycho, Dame Maree and q, please get in contact with me either through email or in the comment section below and let me know what sort of caption you want me to make for you, which fetishes to hit, or what particular hero you'd like me to use/abuse. Thank you!

And thanks once again to everyone who participated. This contest was a huge success, I feel, and I'm eager to try another one soon. Maybe with a Mind-Control Theme this time, just for fun.

Please let me know in the comments below, whether you liked the way I created images with blank text areas in place already or if that was more trouble than its worth. Given the large turnout this time around, I'm wondering if the pre-formatted pictures didn't have something to do with that. But it could just be coincidence, and perhaps the theme this time had more to do with great turnout.

- B-Rex


  1. Congratulations to the winners! Glad youre looking to do another contest. Im happy to make my own caps from the images you put up but I realise I could do that anyway I felt inclined. Looking forward to next time :)

  2. Wow, I placed! This is kind of amazing XD. Thanks everyone who complimented my caps~

    Also sent an email with my ideas. Someday I'll learn how to be concise, but today was not it, sorry about the length Mr. Rex ;)

    1. DameMaree, I'm glad you placed, but I wish you had showed [ ; ) ].

    2. Don't worry about the long email, I enjoy the long, detailed ones usually. :-)

      - B-Rex

  3. Congrats to the winners; looking forward to some fun captions.

    I personally liked the preformated pictures, but if that's too much work, I could go without.

  4. Rex, if only I had thought of a PAWG LMD, I would most certainly have mentioned it. Dang, those missed opportunities . . . .

    As for my prize, I'd like another "Taming a Tomboy" pic, if you please, since I liked your last one [ ] so very much.
    I just can't get enough of seeing a tough, ambitious, no-nonsense gym rat or computer nerdgirl or just plain unfeminine young woman finding herself forced or tricked into becoming the girlygirl of her nightmares (and perhaps, of some man's dreams).

    1. Sounds good; I'm working on Meisa's prize right this moment, and have some pics chosen for the other prizes, as well as a few standalone superhero caps I still owe.

      I'm not surprised at your preferences, though oddly I've half-finished a new cap that is almost the exact opposite; a popular bimbo turned into a dorky nerd-girl.

      But anyway, I'm sure I can work out something you'll like.

      - B-Rex

    2. If you don't object, Rex, I'd like to offer the various entries (winners and near-winners) in the contest a home at

    3. Feel free to post them, Doc! :-)

      - B-Rex


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