Sunday, August 2, 2015

Superhero Contest Submissions!!!!

In the immortal words of Navin R. Johnson (heavily paraphrased): "The new (captions are) here! The new (captions are) here!"

Greetings everybody! Meant to get this posted yesterday, but had to deal with a farming emergency instead that took up my whole day. On the plus side, the delay gave time for a few people to finish their caps and send them in, which was a fun reward to see in my inbox when I finally got back home.

Now, when I started this contest last week, I said I really hoped to get 10 contributors submitting captions, and I didn't get that.... I got 14 contributors instead!!! Wonderful turnout, everyone!

In fact, I've had so many captions sent to me this past week, I'm having trouble keeping track of them all. I'm going to post all of them below, after the break. But if you sent me a caption, and don't see it here, please let me know immediately!

- B-Rex

Now, in no particular order, here are the great submissions I received from you all:

Doctor Psycho:


Mistress Katana:

Big O:









(This third submission is just for fun; Namazuros's second caption was too long to fit on one pic, and I just happened to have this extra purple slut waiting for a caption, so I figured it worked better than just using the same contest picture twice. )

Dame Maree:



And... that's it folks! A wonderful collection of humiliated superheroines and former villains.

I'm having a terrible time deciding who won this contest, so I'm going to let you all peruse these and comment on your own favorites while I make up my mind. Let the captioneers know what you think of their work, please.

As I've had well over 10 contributors, I'm going to post at least 5 superheroine captions (I've posted one already, in the last post), though I might do more since I had so many participants this week. And once I've picked a winner (or more likely, winners) I'll make some prize captions as well.

Enjoy the great captions, everybody! And a huge thank you to everyone who sent in something, it's been crazy exciting watching these come in this week! For once it's me eagerly waiting for the next caps to show up! Ha! :-D

- B-Rex

P.S. Oh, and just for some added fun, go to Sir Spankalot's new age-regression story and check out the comments, maybe leave a few of your own while you're there....

P.S.S Oh, and I keep meaning to mention this, but keep forgetting and getting busy with other things. Please check out Chrystal Wynd's site, he's still working on updating it all, but he's got lots of great stuff to check out, with links to his free stories. He's one of my favorite mind-control/bimbofication authors, and huge inspiration behind my Ro-Sham-Bimbo stories.


  1. Super captions, Sorry i did not post my efforts did not seem to go anywhere. Dam it i well never make a good super villain.

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  3. namazurosAugust 2, 2015 at 4:19 PM
    q's 4th caption is priceless; I love the disappointment of the bank manager, and the amusement of the crooks Great dialogue all around, and the story fits perfectly with the image. Major props to Dame Maree for their involved series, too. My favorite is probably the 6th image, if only for the fun lisping action, but its all very well-written.

    *edit*I should add that there are tons more that I enjoyed too and that people did a great job, but I was just trying to pick out my absolute favorites.

    1. Thanks, the Power Gurl one was a lot of fun and felt too perfect to pass up.

  4. I loved Dame Maree's 'Hard Candy' series. One humiliation after another for poor Candice right up to the finale. The bio at the end was just excellent (future lesbian trophy wife!).

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  6. The story that gave me the biggest personal joy was Namazuros's 2-part "Speed Demon" submission, but on the other hand it's really incredible that Dame Maree came up with such a coherent tale that spanned so many of the contest photos, even before taking the short time frame into account.

    Great job everyone!

  7. I think out of the list, I liked the Black Widow ones most for using known characters. The Wonder Woman cosplayer ideas were interesting. I always like embarrassing body changes like Doctor Psycho for Black Canary, and the suit idea by Dame Maree hits on the body control and hints of intellect and skill getting wasted while she's stuck like that.

    I think I would've done a couple more captions if there was more time for the contest. The purple goo is good for a Spider-Man setting, and the picture of the two women bound in some machine could've made for a Power Girl and Batgirl one.

  8. Doctor Psycho's Black Widow is awesome and not too long.

  9. I enjoyed Doctor Psycho's sense of humour, liked the way Mistress Katana built her caps into one story, Big O had a great twist.Would love to see Wanda's apology and really enjoyed Leila's cap, enjoyed Meisa's Punny Money, Energiser's was pretty good. Liked Q's Tomb Raider, dito Namazuros's wonder woman. Hard Candy grew on me cap by cap


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