Friday, August 7, 2015

Getting PUN-ished, #1 - Contest Prize

Happy Friday, everybody! I hope for this to be a fun weekend, as I've finished the first prize caption and it was so long, I'm breaking it into 3 parts. Barring any weather issues, I should be able to post the next parts tomorrow and Sunday. The text was too long to fit on just one pic, and split into thirds quite nicely, with a little cliffhanger for the first two caps too.

As is probably evident from the title, this series will involve the wonderful pun-loving villain from Meisa's contest submission. I don't know why, but I'm just bursting with fun ideas for future caps with this villain.

I'm posting three versions of today's caption, as I'm trying out a few comicbook-style fonts and I need some feedback. Which of these three versions do you like the most, or is most readable, whatever? The last version is my normal font choice for all captions, ARCena thin. It's sort of comicbook-esque to begin with.

As you can see, this caption is mostly setup for what's to come, but hopefully it'll be worth the buildup in the end. Let me know what you all think, and I'll see you all here again tomorrow for the followup....

- B-Rex


  1. I would go with the second one. Nice set up, look forward to seeing where this one goes

  2. The second one is the easiest for me to read. I also started grinning as soon as I read her super hero name, totally in love with this caption!

  3. The first cap's font strikes me as easily the most comic-book-ish, but the all-caps look is kind of straining on the eyes. The 3rd font, your default one, doesn't really give a comic vibe to me, but it's obviously very compact and efficient, and the 2nd one feels like a compromise between the 1st and 3rd. The 2nd one also feels the most comfortable to read through.

    I knew I was going to love this prize as soon as I read the exact bait that was left for her. That's my favorite "variety" of armaments!

  4. Ooh, torpedoes! I see what you did there... ^.^

    Well, the first font is by far the easiest to read, and the most comic book-ish. Your usual lettering is kind of hard to read on a dark background with not so high constrast. The second one... is kind of not very remarkable.

    I'd go with hte first, to be frank.

  5. I vote third, but 2 and 3 are so close in looks it doesn't really matter.

    I actually like the font in the first one, but the all caps makes commas and punctuation less noticeable (to me at least), which in turn makes every paragraph look like a giant run on sentence.

    1. I agree about the all-caps, but unfortunately, nearly all comicbook fonts I could find are in all-caps. Which I suppose is due to most comics being all-caps in the first place. I prefer to have BigGuns, as opposed to BIG-GUNS be her name, so I'll keep looking.

      - B-Rex

  6. The first looks good to me, but failing that, I'd go with the second, and I like the distinction between BigGuns and BIG-GUNS.

    I look forward to Part Two, although (pace Mackaie) it's hardly difficult to see where this is heading -- I can see the ending coming a mile away*....

    *Not that it isn't going to be a lot of fun arriving there, mind....

  7. I'll go with the first one. Easiest for me to read


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