Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Surprise 2: Gail's Ordeal

Finally I found a few hours to make some more captions! This is just the first of several parts, all centered around Gail and Tabitha being tormented by the EZ Sorority. More to come, when I can find the time....

Oh, and thank you, everyone, for all of the comments! I really do appreciate and enjoy them all. I'm slowly forming a whole menagerie of Frats/Sororities that populate the Beaverhole University Campus, though I doubt they'll all be featured in this Prank War. I might make a separate little post detailing the entire campus, with a proper map, and background/history of the University, etc.

Caps after the break. :-)

Oh, and I added a quick Prequel image to this series, cause I love the picture and just had to use it. It is weird that I spent an hour morphing one pic to give a girl glasses and another red hair, and then I find the perfect picture a day after I post the finished caption with the morphed image.


  1. Now that was an awesome update! Can't wait to see the other present...

  2. Oh, my -- locked shut with ben-wa balls inside! Wicked.
    The original ben-was were pure gold (non-corroding and hypoallergenic) and half-filled with mercury. Some folks worried about the toxic potential of mercury, but really in its metallic form it's not especially dangerous, and so long as the gold remains intact, it's not going to leak out or oxidize.
    I wouldn't be surprised if the balls used here were in fact antiques of the original design, likely to remain functional through years and years of teasing....

  3. This one makes me tingle, and cringe just a little.



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