Friday, September 14, 2012


New Prank War caps! And I'm off this weekend, so hopefully I'll get the rest finished as well. Warning, again, these have a fair amount of needle-play in them, so if that's not your thing, sorry.

I've been changing how I caption images lately. For instance, I could probably have shortened this set of caps to just 1 or 2 images, with very long captions like my earliest caps were. They would just focus on the finished transformation and its effects. But instead, lately I've been trying to show the process by which the transformations happen. I don't know if people really like that or not. It tends to force me to make longer series, with more plot and story, but spread out through enough images that everything should be legible.

Does anyone prefer shorter series or even single caps to these longer 5 or 6 caption series?

I know from my own experience that I personally often skip to the end of a long series of captions to get to the fun stuff, but that is because most long series are either just a bunch of very short caps or one long story spread out through a large picture set, with each caption having very little to do with the image itself. I've tried to pic images for each of my captions, that somehow reflect that part of the story. So my series are a little different, in that regard, I think. Anyway, I was just curious as to what people prefer.

This set of 5 captions follows Tabitha's ordeal in the basement of the EZ house, where she receives the Mayor's gifts. These are a little more devious once they are properly calibrated, which I'll try to depict in the next Tabitha set.

I hope everyone enjoys these! :-)


  1. I'm not against multi-pic series caps at all, these have been really fun reads although I agree sometimes they can be iffy, just do singles when they fit better and I doubt anyone will really complain?
    Also, no worries, I'll tell you if you start making boring long ones! lol

  2. I really enjoyed this set--interesting concept! I do tend to skip a bit in a series, but in this case, each caption added something to the transformation as well as the suspense. I think that's what made the whole series good, rather than just the last cap.

  3. Single caps are fun. So are series.
    A long series can be dull, but only if the story is dull -- a single cap can be too dreary to enjoy, if it is badly done.

    Having seen your previous dazzling escalations of erotic abuse, I am enjoyably teased by the mystery of how that lip tattoo is going to read, to say nothing of that mysterious green stuff . . . .

  4. I think it depends on the story you are trying to tell. Sometimes a single caption will do it; sometimes multiple caps work better.

    FWIW, I think this story is great with multiple caps.

  5. Thanks everyone for all the feedback! :-)

    I'm very happy that everyone is enjoying the story thus far. If I don't get busy with something else today, I should be able to post the next part.


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