Thursday, January 3, 2013


I was hoping to have a whole batch of single-image captions to post, but my internet connection has been giving me fits for the past several days or so. It was a lot of trouble just to get this image loaded, I had to reload it 3 4 times. :-(

Hopefully it will work this time. I'll wait a few days and try posting the others. I've got three more single captions made, but if I wait, I should be able to make a few more to post all at once. Hope you all like permanent concrete bondage. :-)

Oh, and this is a very wide caption, but it works for me on preview so I think it'll still be legible for all of you. For good measure, I've added the text underneath.

- B-Rex

P.S. I should also mention that Todd Cheese has updated his wonderful Age Regression epic story, Keilani's Long Vacation, at his site here: Just one more part before it's finally completed!

Rebecca looked up into her Mistress's eyes, and said, “Thank you Mistress for letting your obedient pet out of her cage.” Her Mistress simply patted her on the head, smiling down at her. Rebecca forced herself to smile back.

It was hard to believe that just six months ago, Rebecca had been a powerful divorce attorney, helping a young executive divorce his wealthy wife and take her to the cleaners. But then, on the way to the court house, a car had slammed into her own vehicle out of nowhere, and everything had gone black.

Rebecca had awoken in a private hospital, owned by her client's wealthy wife, Gloria Morgan. She had sustained considerably injuries during the crash, and had had her legs amputated while still asleep. The court case was long settled by then, as she had been kept asleep for weeks to heal her injuries. Naturally, without his personal attorney present, her client had received only a fraction of Miss Morgan's wealth. But Miss Morgan didn't care about that, she was more interested in Rebecca now.

Rebecca was immediately released into the care of Miss Morgan, who would supervise her rehabilitation for the next few months. Rebecca was still too drugged to notice or care, as she signed one set of papers after another. She would live to regret it, however.

Since then, Rebecca had lived under the care of Miss Morgan, her new Mistress. Rather than teach the young attorney to use a wheelchair or prosthesis, Miss Morgan had decided that Rebecca should be trained as a dog! It was horribly humiliating for her, but there was little she could do, the papers she had been made to sign had given the wealthy Miss Morgan total control over her.

Now Rebecca lived as her Mistress's personal pet, spending her nights in a cage and being led around the palatial grounds of her Mistress's mansion by a collar.


  1. Cute! Love caps involving surgery. Keep up the good work! x

  2. Reading it again, why can't I shake the feeling that the amputations weren't strictly necessary? ;)


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