Monday, February 25, 2013

Guest Post: Present 5 by Meisa

Hello everyone! :-) Sorry for the long wait, but my muse is still pretty weak. On the plus side though, Meisa has sent me this wonderful little story to continue my "Present" caption series.

Sheila gets a new exercise outfit designed to emphasize her various implants and cause her endless discomfort. And her tormentors, Juliet, Leah, and Susie continue to humiliate the former model and trophy wife by staging a workout video!

This is a fun little story and I've added some pics where appropriate just for flavor. I love the creative suit, especially the top piece, that Meisa has described here. Unfortunately, finding a halfway decent approximation of that imaginative top piece proved very difficult. I could only find one picture which somewhat fit with the basic idea.

Please enjoy, and don't forget to leave Meisa lots of comments! Take it from me, writing this stuff isn't easy and every bit of feedback is well appreciated.

(On a sidenote, I've had to increase the comment security settings a bit, due to a spammer onslaught. Hopefully this won't inconvenience anyone too much. Except for the spambots, of course.)

- B-Rex

Present 5
by Meisa

It was finally morning, and Sheila was letting out a steady rhythm of pained moaning as she stood in front of her smirking and refreshed trio of tormentors. Well, mostly refreshed anyway. A small hangover remained from their previous enjoyment of using her as their personal plaything last night, but they had so much new adrenaline pumping through them in excited anticipation of the next game that none of them even noticed or cared.

Sheila had technically been allowed to sleep a bit before the next morning, partly because Juliet, Leah, and Susie needed some time to make sure everything was prepared for her next big performance. But that sleep had been sporadic, filled with shifting and turning on the raggedy sofa in the servants' break room. Her Mistress had been very clear that she didn't want Sheila's cheap-whore hair chemicals or any other street-trash makeup getting on the "good" furniture. And besides the worn-out cushioning, there was the other discomfort...the cramping mass of cucumber stuffing that both her poor lower openings had been filled to the splitting brim with. Locked in place by a strong skin-tight "diaper" of duct tape, which she had no doubt she'd endure punishments two or three times as agonizing for if removed without explicit permission.

Now, with the sun rising well into the sky and the three young high-society women getting impatient, Sheila was standing at attention near the front doorway and struggling to get Juliet's latest workout clothing design on her body. It certainly wasn't easy. Not only was this tighter fitting than any uniform or costume Juliet had created for Sheila before, the pressure deep in her nether regions was really starting to take a toll on her stamina, not to mention her flexibility. No other clothes or underwear aside from the existing duct tape pressing up hard between her legs was permitted of course. Juliet had a small video camera next to her on a tripod, already recording her outfit's carefully designed struggle against Sheila's huge implanted curves. "OK, my little up-and-coming porn star. You make sure to give us ladies a really good show, and this video will stay here for our little private parties. You give me any lip, or waste our time with a bunch of lazy performances, and not only will we run you ragged until we get the finished product we're looking for, it'll wind up in the hands of everyone in this town, and you'll just need to make yourself REAL comfortable with that duct-tape underwear and everything else inside it!"

Two very small pieces made up the new exercise outfit: a predictably skimpy top and a possibly even skimpier bottom. Picking them both up at the same time and looking them over, Sheila finally decided to put on the top first. There was no chance that at least part of their design would be to constrict as much as possible around her huge tits and ass, and extra pressure around her loins was something she wanted to continue putting off as long as possible. The top was no cakewalk either though. Despite having the appearance of spandex, it really didn't have a lot of stretch to it. It went on her much like a bra, only it fastened in back with a reinforced zipper that went from just below breast-height up to the base of her neck. Meaning of course that sliding it required her to wrench her hands and arms around behind her armpits and up over her shoulders back-and-forth, then back-and-forth again, struggling to work the tough zipper all the way through the hardest part of her back to reach. And as she did this, she put on quite a side performance for her three audience members, grunting and moaning while locking her shoulders backward, pushing her hands into her upper back, and thrusting her bouncing balloons forward against very skin-tight material that rustled and squeaked against their skin a bit. She kept edging the zipper higher, forcing her tits harder and harder into the top's front, which had some very devious designs of its own.

Sheila's Original Workout Uniform
When Sheila had first begun to put the top on, she was admittedly a little confused. Her first workout uniform had been low cut. Extremely low cut. Like "showing the top half of her nipples" low. And the fact that it was purposefully a full cup size or two too small for her multiplied the issue, cramming the mass of her melons up and out the middle like a vacuum was there. She'd tried using double-sided tape to keep from popping out completely of course, but that only helped a bit, and did nothing to solve the amount of heaving hooter volume that already pulsed out with every panting breath she took as she went through her ordered workout routine. This new one appeared more like an actual sports bra, with enough material in front to actually cover the middle of her chest. It was only once she finally got the zipper completely closed that she was able to look down while catching her breath, and see how Juliet had found a whole new obscene way to turn her massive melons into a whorishly parading centerpiece that she would become nothing but a transport for.

The top had individual "sacks" for her breasts, as though Juliet had taken a sports bra for a flat-chested woman Sheila's height, cut out a 3 in. hole on each side, and then sewn the openings of fist-sized spandex bags along their edges. As Sheila had pulled the top closed, her out-thrust hooters had naturally worked themselves into those holes, and forced themselves deeper and deeper through as the front was pulled harder and harder against them. The "sacks" weren't quite large enough to be a natural fit, on purpose of course, and so as more and more tit-flesh forced its way into them the material stretched and squeaked. By the time the back zipper was fully closed, Sheila had worked each of her massive mounds into its own personal skin-tight "display case". The sacks of material around her tits became a bit transparent as it stretched, contrasting with the skin-tight but still completely opaque look of the rest of the top. It was now also apparent that elastic bands were sewn into the bases around the sacks...and not even softly gripping elastic like you'd find in normal clothing, but strong firm bands that gripped and trapped the base of her already swollen melons almost like shackles. Which, really, was somewhat appropriate, given the full context of Sheila's new life.

And now, not being able to put it off even a second longer, Sheila began slowly wrenching the bottom half of her latest mandatory uniform up the length of her legs. Her old workout pants had fitted her tightly around the pelvis as well, but at least had still been somewhat "pants". Now she was pulling on a bright pair of short-shorts. Unlike the top, the shorts had no zippers or buttons and were simply elastic...barely. The linings of the waist and leg openings had the same sort of firm rubber sewn into them as the breast sacks, purposefully sized at punishingly small diameters. Once she had gotten the shorts up to just over her knees, she found she needed to concentrate on pulling each side up individually one inch at a time, back and forth. She also discovered that she wasn't able to pull her legs very far apart at all until the shorts were nearly on, which not only put more gut-cramping pressure on her cucumbered orifices during her initial struggle, but foreshadowed to her how badly cramped and pressing the final fit across her crotch would indeed be.

Sheila Struggles Into Her New Shorts
As the shorts were finally worked into place around her hips, the waistband turned out to be set overly high, coming up well over her hipbones and reaching her bellybutton. And it was there that the firm band constricted her, just like a corset. As she felt herself half pinched in two and took some new trial breaths, Sheila briefly wondered if this meant she'd need to eat only light breakfasts from now on. The body of the shorts itself had many pressing and lifting seams. One that went down and back up the very middle, pulling up deep into her slit and crack, and two more that started at the sides of her belly in front, came down pulling tight in-between her pussy and the banded leg-holes, then swerved out to the sides in back to push up and underneath her rear globes like "shelves" before coiling up right at her hips to meet their starting point again. The total effect of the fit wrapped the material into a second-skin camel-toe in front, as well as doubled into a brand-new "shelf bra" for her twin globes in the rear, projecting both parts in a special "high-definition" for all around her to see. Not to mention it pressed inward another excruciating inch or so on the immense volume of stuffing her nether regions held, just as she'd feared. Sheila let out an additional involuntary moan of torment as the shorts settled their new fit all around her pelvis. "...eeeeeEEEEERRRRRRGGGGG..."

One could almost say that she may as well have been naked...but even that wasn't true. It was worse. Much worse. Because the design of the outfit made sure to grip, swell, and jut all of her sexual assets, enhancing them in ways that played right on top of how her implant surgeries already made a perverse shape of her figure. Being naked would have been a blessing by comparison.

Juliet focused the camera in on Sheila's face for just a moment, wanting to fully capture her reaction to the next set of news. "Oh, and there's one more extra fun feature that your new ensemble comes with, Titsy! A full selection of different accessory linings that fit inside around your porn-star melon balls, cunt lips, and enormous rear cheeks. Something for every occasion. There's a loosely weaved horsehair set that has a crazy itch to it, and will make you barely able to keep your hands off yourself for more than a few seconds at a time. There's also a set lined with shock pads that hook up to a VERY long-lasting battery, which fits on your hip and looks like a large MP3 player. I'm sure that will help put a bunch of extra bounce in your step...well, I guess maybe your "step" won't be what bounces around, but you know what I mean. Ha ha ha! Oh, and there's so many shock patterns that can be scheduled too, so that's going to be a lot of fun experimenting with. I think I'll have you wear them underneath your maid outfits while you clean my home, so I can personally see which ones force the best bouncing jiggle, which ones make you do the best dances...and which ones just flat out get the best NOISES out of you!" Sheila involuntarily did a deep swallow, snapped right up into the video for later. Juliet joyfully continued.

"Then there's this 'sandpaper' set. I wasn't sure if I'd use it, to tell you the truth, but I suddenly figured I can always use another painful punishment option in my list for if you get uppity or lazy on the job. I bet after just half a day wearing this one you won't be able to sit down at all, much less slack off or think about ways to talk back to me. And finally, there's the set you're wearing now. Actually, you're just wearing the top lining today. Not that I'm feeling sorry for your two lower whore-holes, because you can bet I'd happily bring them in on even more of today's fun if I could. But I think your duct-tape 'panty shield' today would make it a wasted effort."

Juliet zoomed the camera back out, strolled forward up in front of Sheila, then reached up and began forcing her finger up under the lower rim of Sheila's workout top. It wasn't easy, the top really was a strong skin-tight fit as Juliet had wanted. But soon she found what she was looking for: A small tag connected by a thin string to the inner lining of Sheila's cups. After locating it, she tucked it halfway back under the top, leaving just a hinting peak of it out under the back.

"Once this tag is yanked out, the party will REALLY start for those big slutty 'balloons' of yours. The lining they're wearing right now is adapted from instant cold packs that you find in emergency first aid kits. There's two chemicals inside separated by a fragile barrier. When the barrier is cracked and they mix, they produce an endothermic reaction for a good hour or so." Juliet made sure to stop and look straight into Sheila's eyes as she said "endothermic", savoring the slight glaze she knew would appear there at that moment. "Not that I expect a bimbo like you to understand it. Let me put it another way for you." Juliet suddenly spoke very slowly, and poked Sheila's jutted tits deep and hard on each word. "Whore...Get...Chilly...Titties." All three of the women broke out in hysterics.

Juliet calmed herself down a bit and made an obvious show of staring her gaze up and down Sheila's figure. "Oh, doesn't it just fit you like a glove, slut? Your girls have gotten so big already, and you can bet that they've still got a bunch of growing to do yet. So I decided they should each get their own room, you know? The one they had before was just so small and cramped, I bet the two of them could barely b-brea...pwha..ha..hahaHAHA!!" Juliet doubled over with laughter at her joke, while Leah and Susan spoke up behind her. "Oh I don't know about that" Susan chimed in. "I think it was cute the way they loved to press up against each other...and you know, always tried to 'hang out'. They were really the, the...b-breast of friends...ppfff...hahaHA!" Now all three women were bellowing with laughs again.

Juliet regained full control of herself after a minute, then looked up at Sheila. Sheila just continued to stand sluttishly posed with her tits thrust out, and a slightly pained expression on her face. Suddenly Juliet's smile disappeared, and she glared right into Sheila's eyes for a few quiet seconds. Sheila tensed up, not knowing what to make of it, and just kept her stance while trying to wipe away her grimace from the probing the 'hidden' cucumbers were still giving her.

Reaching out, Juliet pinched and seized both of Sheila's nipples through the thin transparent fabric of her new workout top. Sheila let out a small yelp and then choked out "Wha...What's wrong M-Mistress?!! This s-s-silicone-inflated ffff..ucktoy doesn't understand! Please...s-stop!"

"What's wrong?..." Juliet cocked a slight evil smile on the right side of her face. "What's wrong is...I think you're way too uptight at the moment to put on a good performance for our workout video. Just look at yourself. The ladies and I are being HILARIOUS right now, and you're just standing there like a statue. Where's the..." Juliet twisted Sheila's seized nipples hard as she said the next word. "...FEEEEELING?" Sheila just grunted "Auuuggh!" as she felt the twists.

"I think..." Juliet continued, untwisting but still pinching the nipples "...that we need to loosen you up just a bit before you can start bringing our beautiful script to life. So you're gonna do a little 'acting exercise' first..."


Twenty minutes later, after a bunch of correctional coaching (and more than a few hard slaps to the implants) Juliet was finally satisfied with the test act that Sheila was putting on.

"...Heeeeeeeyyyyyy thhheeeeeeeeere..." Sheila slowly exhaled in an over-breathy, whore-ish voice. Juliet hadn't been satisfied until Sheila was taking a deep slutty breath before saying anything, and only allowed her to say a few words at a time. The pace was a nightmare. "...Knooooooowwwww whhhhhaaaaaaaaat......thhhheeeeee beeeeeeeest.....kiiiiinnnnnd oooooofffffff......beeeeeeeeeeees arrrrrrrrreeeee?..."

Sheila was standing in a special pose, with her elbows pressed together behind her back and her back heavily arched. The camera was recording every drawn-out rise and fall of her rack. She took an extra-deep breath for the answer. "...BOOOOOOOBIIIIIEEEEES!!..." she called out to the camera lens, almost sounding like she was in mid-orgasm as the word left her mouth. A big fake grin was pasted on her face, and her cheeks were a distinctive pink from saying such humiliating lines. Then, on cue, she pulled her head back as far as she could, strained her chest even further out, and let out a very long, loud laugh filled with constant deep breaths that made her chest jiggle ridiculously.

Hoping to hear Juliet's permission to stop at last, but only getting silence, Sheila cycled around to repeating the next joke in line yet again. "...Knooooooowwwww whhhhhaaaaaaaaat......thhhheeeeee beeeeeeeest.....kiiiiinnnnnd oooooofffffff......teeeeaaaaaaas arrrrrrrrreeeee?..." And then another extra-deep inhale for the next word. "..TIIIIIIITIIIIIIEEEEEESS!!..."

Yet again, for what felt like the hundredth time now, Sheila repeated her hysterical laughter bit. Head back, chest thrust and shaking about for her tormentors' pleasure. Both now and whenever they liked later on playback. Leah called out one of her personal favorites. "What's the difference between Sheila's udders, and blimps? You need to pay money to use a blimp!". Sheila winced slightly, but pulled off her new laughter reaction on cue as required. As she slowed her laugh down, Susan shot out another one that they had repeated several times already "What's stretched skin-tight, shakes for hours every night, is stuffed to bursting, and right next to Sheila's pussy?". All three girls carefully watched Sheila's shaking mounds for any diminishment in her projected enthusiasm. "Sheila's G-string. She shakes her ass all night AND day!". Sheila picked the pace of her laugh back up to full. She started worrying that she would hyperventilate before this was done. "HA, HA, HA...HA..AAA.AAAAAA...". Most of the lines hadn't even been witty, the women simply enjoyed seeing Sheila forced to put on her indecent laughing trick in response to degrading remarks about her tits and ass.

Juliet finally interrupted with a slow, patronizing clap. "So, my little 'blooming' actress. Can I count on you to have the right attitude as we make your real video?"

All Sheila could think about was getting past all of this somehow and, more importantly, hurrying things along to get all of that horrible cucumber out of her. She nodded pleadingly.


Juliet shot a cold glare deep into Sheila's eyes, and then traced the outline of a smile over her lips before mouthing the words "Or. Else." at her. The message was loud and clear. Sheila shifted her attention straight to the camera lens and smiled widely, fighting the straining pain in her lower holes to the back of her mind as best she could. Leah then held up a big cue-card with lines, and Sheila started reciting her humiliating script in the best sultry voice she knew how...perfected on Greg not too long ago...

"Hi...this silicone-inflated set of tits and ass is called 'Shake-R-Sacks' Sheila, and these implants happily perform for everyone's viewing pleasure all the time at the EZ-Lay-Tina strip club. Everyone calls this bimbo fucktoy 'Shake-R-Sacks' because she's never been able to get enough of swinging and bouncing all of her giant tit and ass implants for them to see." Juliet then motioned with her finger, telling Sheila to turn to the side, and then to push her tits forward and ass back to emphasize the narration. "It actually doesn't even matter to this ridiculous slut if she gets paid, she just lives to have every jiggling curve of hers noticed and stared at. Believe it or not, if there's a day when someone looks at this whore's face instead of her jutting juggs for more than a few seconds...she gets reeeeeaaaaaly saaaad..." Behind the camera, Juliet pouted and traced her finger downward from her eye. Sheila obediently changed her face to a depressed frown and lowered her head, staring downward at her outrageously presented rack. After a few soft sniffles were provided for good measure, Juliet grinned darkly and signaled that Sheila could continue with the script. Sheila returned to facing straight toward the camera, hands on her hips, and chest still thrust. Leah panned the camera to cut off the lower half of her, now with only Sheila's body visible from the tits up. Juliet got down and crawled around the side, until she was behind Sheila. Sheila tensed up, sensing a cruel surprise was imminent, but couldn't figure out exactly what.

"Let me show you just how excited I get at the thought of being approached in public, and talking with them solely about my porn-star implants. Not to mention...letting them all help themselves to plenty of FREE GROPING afterward as a big..." Juliet suddenly reached her arm up, gripped the tag under the back of Sheila's top, and discretely yanked it clean out, unseen by the camera. "...THANK YOU!!?"

Sheila's eyes popped wide open as her trapped, swollen udders screamed out into her brain with the sensation of being encased in solid ice. She tried to scream out in the physical world, but confused with the unfamiliar experience it came across as an outcry of raw, lustful arousal. "OHHHH...M-MYYYYYYYY...G..G.OOOOOOOO..." Within seconds, her partially visible teats responded to the extreme cold by becoming half-inch long 'glass-cutter' nipples. The skin-tight stretched fabric of the sacks that gripped all around them did absolutely nothing to hide it, conforming to the new protrusions perfectly. Susan and Leah, who'd known Juliet's plan beforehand, made sure to time a smooth zoom-in transition from Sheila's upper-torso and face to an exclusive tight capture of her freezing, transforming tits. To anyone watching the video later, it would simply look like Sheila had nearly cum in her shorts thinking about what she'd just described.

Sheila's Cold Pack Punishment Inserts

While the camera was focused in on Sheila's chest, Juliet grabbed Sheila's face from behind and turned it to the side, getting her attention. She then put her finger to her lips, then traced a smile across her own face. Sheila began muffling her outcries at the icicle prison her juggs were locked in, and strained to put an enthusiastic smile back on before the camera zoomed back out. Susan held up another cue card right behind the camera, to make sure Sheila looked straight at the lens for her next set of lines. Juliet ducked back down and crawled back around to behind the camera's view.

Sheila put on the best slut-voice she could still manage. "O-Ohhh, uh...ah..that..gets me..SO..excited...Yes! It would be wonderful if that started happening! And the more often, the better. I'd never get tired of it!" Juliet motioned for Sheila to open the door and then turn back toward the camera. A new cue card was held up. "I'm sorry everyone, but I can't wait any longer. I really need to start exercising now, and give all of my neighbors and gym-mates a long look at my swinging oversized implants." Juliet waited a couple seconds more, then switched off the camera.

"...Decent acting I guess. Or as decent as a bimbo whore like you can give, anyway. Just one little 'special effect' to set up, and then we can get down to your exercises for the day!"

Sheila kept reassuring herself over and over that this game of theirs was making progress, and she'd reach the end before too much longer.

Out of her purse, Juliet retrieved two tiny rubber bands. The openings through them were barely half a centimeter wide. "These will help ensure you don't lose your, umm...'enthusiasm' midway through the shooting." She taunted. Before Sheila had any time to think about what that meant, Juliet pulled the first one wide, and snapped it closed around the base of Sheila's left nipple. A fresh groan emitted out of her human slut-doll as Juliet closed the other nipple base in an equally jolting cinch. On top of everything else her workout clothes were doing all over her body, Sheila began to wonder if some part of her was really going to just pop like a balloon from the mounting pressure.

The bands were the same color as the top, and so after a tiny amount of final adjusting they blended into the rest of the fabric quite well. Sheila would now have a pair of very hard erect nipples for however much longer Juliet wanted. Confident that her precious toy was prepped and ready for some REAL display, she motioned for them all to head out to the driveway.

"Time to take this show on the road!"


The next several hours were a level of physical labor that Sheila, even after all her time working at the mansion under Juliet's heel, wouldn't have believed could be possible. Her routine began as it normally did every day, jogging 5 miles along a route that included as many single lonely men as possible. Especially older ones known by Juliet to have perverted tastes. But the immense amount of cucumber forced into Sheila's lower regions, combined with the effects of her brand-new workout outfit, made this a special ordeal indeed. Rather than being able to stride forward efficiently, her crammed inner walls forced her legs to swing out to the side much more during their movement back and forth. This in turn swung her inflated ass to a mockingly wide arc and rhythm. And of course, the top half of her was made to swing more openly in the opposite direction each time as well, in order to compensate and help keep her balance.

But that's not all that was going on. The forced arc in her stride meant that her legs took longer to move from front to back with each step. As she shifted from one foot to the other, there was a bit of time where the foot being rested on would be against the ground at a side angle rather than supporting her body straight underneath. In order to keep running forward, Sheila needed to "hop" much more than normal in-between steps so that her legs would only be bracing her weight during the moments when they were straighter. This in turn meant that her body was moving up and down to a mockingly inefficient degree as well. The cinching bags that humiliatingly torpedoed her still-freezing tits ensured that there was a nice straight "platform" of hooter-meat to be swung up toward her face and then down toward the ground over some significant distance. The extra-supportive seams underneath each rear implant did a very good job as well of ensuring they were boosted up and out behind her, making their upswing and downswing much more obvious too.

Sheila's Trapped Hooters Jutting Out For All To See

And last but not least, those carefully banded and emphasized nipples were putting on their own special showcase on her front. Anyone but Juliet and her posse could only get the impression that Sheila was on some kind of otherworldly sexual high, flaunting all of her assets out in the open in such an obscene way. The way that she whipped those thick, long, excited nipples wildly around like a deranged conductor swinging a baton. If asked, onlookers would have sworn there was a bit of visible distortion in them as they danced about on the ends of her huge udders.

Slowly driving beside her were Juliet, Leah, and Susan, making sure to get all kinds of wide and close-in video from both front and back. Juliet's final instructions before the jog were ringing through Sheila's mind on a constant loop: "No matter how tired you are, or how much your worthless slut-parts are aching from being swung around, you keep a BIG smile on your face that shows how aroused you are showing your jiggling implants off to anyone who wants to look." The interesting thing was, the threat was almost unnecessary. Although it was still painful, all the cucumbers shoved up into her cunt and ass began rolling around and rubbing her inner walls back and forth as she hopped and ran. There were a few precious moments where a small knob on one of them would actually find her G-spot, making her gasp and narrow her eyes for the camera with genuine pleasure.


Next was the gym, and Sheila was now in the middle of her daily quota of 300 squats. Juliet, Leah, and Susan stood near the exercise mat. All of them stayed behind the camera, but they circled from Sheila's back to her front at about the 200 count. It was this exercise that really brought the emphasized camel-toe of the shorts into view. Zoomed up close on Sheila's rippling ass implants, and already making a big display of how the center seam pulled up hard and deep into their crevice, her crammed-wide pussy lips took the center stage as well. Outlined and pressed out clear as day by her pervertedly designed shorts and all their strategically placed pinch points, as well as further framed by her bow-legged stance, her cunt pooched out back between her legs with each downward squat. The view was even more slutty when the camera moved to her front. Her jutted tits were bouncing just as much as her blown-up ass, and the nipple bands were still left on, making for a highly indecent and degrading display that just became even more so as the ladies did a few zoom-in shots right in on her panting chest. And now on unhindered display just beneath them was her produce-dildoed slit, the fabric molding perfectly to its every clench and strain against those cylindrical intruders. As with the jogging, there were actually brief seconds of bliss as a knob or two rubbed against her inner walls in just the right way, putting some real expressions of frustrated arousal on Sheila's face for the camera and it's smug operators. But she still needed to focus on properly executing the exercise and couldn't rattle them around more strategically.

Sheila Squats For The Camera

At the 300 count, Sheila looked up at the others for their OK to stop, but Juliet, Leah, and Susan just kept her going. They loved how the camera was starting to capture her bubble-butt and pussy quivering and spasming together as her legs reached exhaustion, along with her rack thrusting in and out more and more rapidly as her breath quickened. In the end, after becoming a sweat-drenched and gasping spectacle of begging silicone she collapsed on the mat, legs whorishly splayed wide open, after 572 squats.


The end of the video had finally come at last, as Sheila stood in front of the EZ-Lay-Tina "holding" a sign. The lot was still basically empty. The workday hadn't ended just yet, and they still had a bit of time before the place opened. The sign's pole, rather than being grasped by her hands, was thrust down into her cleavage. Her arms were curled underneath her still-cinched juggs, lifting them up, with her hands then pressing in on them hard from each opposite side in order to "grip" the pole. Her nipples were still banded as well, thrusting out toward the camera with the same illusionary arousal as always. The sign itself blocked her face, an issue that Juliet openly declared wasn't important in the slightest, and it showed both a map of her exact jogging route as well as a detailed time table of her daily jogging, gym exercise, and strip club routines. Sheila was so desperate to just finally get the cucumber out of her as well as free herself from all the surprise torments of her new uniform that she threw her all into getting the last of this project done.

"Just remember" Sheila called out behind the sign, making sure to take deep heaving breaths again, "if you'd like to see more of these swinging cow udders and bouncing ass, you can find them on full public display at this schedule...Also, as you could see at the start of the video, this silicone-inflated bimbo fucktoy just loves to hear jokes about its slut-parts, or even just talk about them any time. Please don't hesitate to walk up, look straight at these enormous fun bags, and say whatever you like. Nothing makes me happier than when someone focuses on my implants, and you'll always be free to give them a long, hard squeezing as a thank you..."

"...aaaaaannnd...that's a wrap!" Juliet yelled out. "It's been a long, productive day. Let's go home..."

"Umm...please Mistress..." Sheila eked out.

"...Yes, you parading street whore?"

"May this unworthy bimbo fucktoy remove the cucumbers from its abused whore-holes now?" Sheila made sure to emphasize lots of degrading terms to hopefully coax Juliet into agreeing.

"Well...I suppose." She snapped her fingers twice, then grinned even wider than before. "Leah, turn the camera back on, we're going to film a quick extra! Slut, go ahead and get to it."

Sheila hesitated for only another moment before digging her fingers into her short-shorts and working them back down her legs. The need was just simply too overwhelming at this point to argue. Once the shorts were off, she began peeling at the duct tape...but with maybe a little too much urgency. "UUUUUURRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!!" Sheila was crying out loudly now as she pulled the tape away from her more sensitive regions, but emptying herself was still the foremost thing on her mind.

"Ohhhhh..AAAAAAHHHHHHHH..HHHUUUUUU..huuuuu.." It was just as if Sheila was giving birth as she clenched her bowl muscles and the cucumbers began to work their way out of both sides. "Ahh..huuurrr..~Pop~..urrrrr.....~Plop~...OOOOOoohhh......" As the cucumbers tumbled down onto the pavement, still in single pieces, Sheila began huge exhales of welcome relief, as Leah captured every swapping look of heaven and hell across her face. Finally, the last one dropped free, and Sheila collapsed on the concrete in total exhaustion.

Leah switched off the camera once more, and all three women nodded to each other that today's adventure was done. As they climbed back into the car, Sheila stumbled up and tried to get in, only for the door to be shut closed at the last moment.

Juliet rolled down the driver's window and put a pouty, inquisitive look on her face. "Where are YOU going, Blow-up Doll?"

"Uh...home...I mean, to YOUR home, Mistress."

Juliet pressed her index finger to her cheek and cocked her head, in mocked thought. "But...that doesn't make any sense. Does it?" Sheila searched her mind for what Juliet meant, but came up with nothing as usual. Juliet continued after enjoying Sheila's lost expression for a few moments, and pointed up to the unkempt sign. "...What are you called here?" Sheila looked up at the strip club sign, and suddenly understood. She straightened her posture and arched her back once again, pushing her assets out. "This fucktoy's name is 'Shake-R-Sacks' Sheila, Mistress." Juliet's face went back to it's usual dark grin, but her voice kept its patronizing little-girl tone. "...and what have you still not done HERE today?" Sheila sighed. "This fucktoy hasn't shaken it's 'sacks', Mistress..."

Suddenly Juliet reached out of the car and gave each of Sheila's tits a hard slap, sending them flying across her chest. Sheila let out a yelp, but kept her pose as she'd recently learned to. "I think I want to hear that one more time...with FEELING." She and the other two women started snickering. Sheila took a few moments to work out what Juliet probably wanted to hear, then tried again, taking deep heaving breaths. "...Thiiiiis uuuunnnndesearvvvvving......siiiiiilicooooone inflaaaaaaated whooooooore......haaaaasssn't's huuuuuge, sluuuuuuty, SAAAAAAAACKS!" On the final word "SACKS", Sheila whipped her back and gave all four of her implants a snapping jostle that left them wobbling on her otherwise stationary body for a solid few seconds. She also made sure to exhale that final word with an extra tone of faked ecstasy.

Juliet was appeased. "Very good. It looks like you might have a little screen talent in you after all, 'Sacks'!" The car's engine roared to life. "Make sure you shake 'em good and hard, 'Sacks'. I'm going to be really disappointed with you if you lose that reputation..." As the vehicle sped off, Sheila groaned a bit as she wondered whether or not Juliet would keep her word about keeping the video secret. At least there weren't any big slip-ups today that might have angered her.

Sheila hurried over to the back entrance so she could start getting changed for her shift. This unfortunately meant that she'd have to wear this dreaded jogging outfit on the bus ride back too, but at least she could take the bands off her nipples now, and maybe not zip the top completely closed. As she did some warm-ups in front of a mirror to get ready for her signature "Shake-R-Sacks" routine, she dreaded to think of how she might be used for Juliet's next entertainment. That birthday surgery was coming up soon...

My Vision of Sheila's Squat Exercises


  1. Meisa You are so mean but I love it. enjoyed reading this.

  2. Great story Meisa! Loved the attention to detail in the costume and your writing style fits well with B-Rex's!

  3. Well, I enjoyed the things Sheila was made to say more than the mechanical details of the equipment, but I know many frequenters of this site can never get enough of that sort of thing.

    I definitely enjoyed the way Sheila was forced to humiliate herself. I used to talk online quite often with a woman who enjoyed the burn of humiliation she got when someone was paying attention (visually, tactilely or verbally) to her splendid funbags.
    I made her call herself "Big Tits" when we talked, and she enjoyed that.
    Then, when she told me she planned to go out to a bar and pick up a man, I ordered her to tell him that her name was "Big Tits", and not to give him any other name, and she enjoyed that.
    When she started at a new job, someone asked her what she liked to be called, and she told me she had actually started to say, "Big Tits". I suggested that she invite people to call her "B.T.", without explaining what it stood for, and oh boy did she like that....

    1. That's a very interesting anecdote! :-) I too love when characters are forced to humiliate themselves.

      - B-Rex

  4. I'm glad to know that a lot of readers really liked this one. It took a lot of revisions before the details felt right. Also, thanks for the brief story Psycho, that's fun to know!


    1. Oh...finally! I've been trying to post comments for so long, but couldn't figure out why they never went through. Turns out I have to briefly enable third-party cookies in my security settings when I make the post.

      I'll try to comment more regularly now B-Rex. :)

  5. i love it you are really good a writing keep up the good work


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