Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Full Service

Finally, I've managed to finish another caption! I made this morph weeks ago, but I've had a real bother captioning it. Every time I've tried, the result just didn't seem to click. But I think this one works.

After the break, as always. Please enjoy and thanks for sticking around this blog even though my productivity has been pretty slim lately. ;-)

- B-Rex

I had considered going into more detail as to how the Service Units work, such as the forced feedings and enema's the occupants have to endure every day, but I didn't really have enough room. And so I've left it mostly up to your imagination. :-)

The original morph was fairly simple to make. I spent more time trying to find a good font for the screen under the hatch opening.

I've been trying to recreate this old Benson Picture through morphing. This morph wasn't exactly what I was trying to make, but I think it works pretty well. I'll probably keep working on making a better recreation.


  1. Nice (blow) job, Rex -- thanks for the post.

    A maintenance technician really ought to correct Tanya's lack of a ring gag, though.

  2. As usual you popped a nice little surprise ending/reveal right at the end. Love those! No problem with the updates at all B-Rex, just keep waiting until they feel "right".

  3. Ah, Mr Benson - a fine source of inspiration. :)

    Great cap B-Rex. A nice combination of hubris, perversion and bureaucratic maliciousness conspires to humble your hapless heroine.

    I also agree with Dr. Psycho - there are some opportunities for 'upgrades' to assist Tanya with her public service which, it appears, will be continuing for the foreseeable future!

    On a side note - has anyone come across an English copy of 'Silicone Valley Dolls' by Benson?

    1. Hmm....

      All I have is a link to an English/German copy of Silicone Valley Dolls 2,

      Sorry, best I can do. :-)
      - B-Rex

    2. Thanks - yep, that's the one I have already. It's a good read, but the first volume seems intriguing because of the 'investigative reporter gets more than she bargained for' angle.

      Thanks anyway. :)

  4. Oooh, I love how the story starts at the ending and then builds up to how the whole situation came crashing down. Marvelous! ^^


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