Friday, February 15, 2013

Guest Post by Dr Psycho

Dr Psycho sent me this set of captions a few days ago and I've not had time to post them until now. This series is set in the PA Magazine Universe, which is more clearly explained at these yahoo groups: PersonalAssistantMagazine and Exec2Sec (Sadly this group has been overrun by spammers).

Basically this is a male-dominated universe wherein the women's rights movement has been largely reversed, where former powerful female executives have been reduced to mere secretaries. A post-feminist world, essentially.

Dr Psycho's series focuses on the eventual fate of celebrity Ellen DeGeneres. He describes this series as: 

"The Exec2Sec / PA Magazine world has no place for someone like Ellen DeGeneres.
Not even so much for her being a Lesbian but because of her damned joyful, perky, wholesome attitude.
Now, learn what the New Order did to her."

After the break, as always,

- B-Rex



  1. The hyped up audience , the disco dancing on to the set....well that's as far as I ever got into one of her shows so can't comment further!

  2. I'd like to point out that, although the earlier incarnations of Exec2Sec are all helpless without a moderator to delete the spam (since the IDs I used to create them have been deleted by Yahoo without explanation), the last remaining "real" Exec2Sec group,, is still fully operational and spam-free.
    You can also see Exec2Sec materials at and at


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