Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pet 4 - Muzzled

I finally managed to finish the next episode of Muffi's adventures as a puppygirl. In this installment, Muffi arrives at an obedience school for dogs, meets Rex, and sees an old enemy.

Three captions this time, and for once I didn't have to morph anything. :-)

I hope you all enjoy these,
- B-Rex


  1. Just as she thought things could not get any whorse love where this is going.

  2. I'm sure the puppies will be ever so cute . . . .

  3. Ah, poor Muffy. Now we know why Miss Hazelthorpe was so keen to enroll her.

    I hope she likes canine companionship... :)

  4. Wasn't there one more entry in the Pet series, with Muffi being icked up for school and brainwashed? I can't find it. Or am I mistaken?

    1. I'm afraid I don't know that one. This is the last Pet episode I've finished, though I am working on at least one more to finish us the series.

    2. #Mandela Effect


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