Sunday, February 17, 2013

BEEP! A new caption and a short story

Here's a very quick cap I just made. Sorry I haven't been more productive lately, but my muse has really been dried out lately. I've got a lot of pics set up for captions, but when I try to write them, they just aren't really clicking the way I want. Still, I managed to finish this short bimbo/blackmail caption.

Oh, and I wrote a short story called Buffy at the Laundromat sometime last year. I was going to post it on Katie Smith's site but never got around to it. I'll add it below the caption too, since it sort of fits anyway. :-)

 Everything is after the break, as always. Please enjoy and let me know what you think.

- B-Rex

And the story:

Buffy at the Laundromat
by B-Rex

Buffy groaned as she squeezed into the too-tight tube top. The top had been part of a Halloween costume with the words "Pucker Up" ironed in across the front. For a bimbo costume, it was perfect. For actual wearing though, it was a nightmare. Worse, it was much tighter than when she had originally worn it, and now the words were terribly stretched out. Of course, the tight top wasn't really what made her look so slutty; her recently enlarged breasts were the real culprit. She looked at her reflection.

The Pic that inspired my little tale
"John had better like these things! Or I'll be seriously pissed." She said, to herself. Her live-in boyfriend John had left the previous month for a summer-long job stint in Japan. As soon as he was safely on his plane, she had gone to a plastic surgeon to have rather large breast implants installed. It was to be a secret present for John, who she knew loved large fake breasts. Though now that they were healed, she realized that DD was perhaps a bit larger than she had thought.

She turned around before the mirror, wondering if her bright pink, knee-length skirt was too slutty. Still, it wasn't like she had a choice; her only other skirt was a super short schoolgirl affair.

"I really have to stop procrastinating." She looked at the multiple bags of dirty clothing, all of her clothes, in fact. "Why couldn't I have done the laundry earlier?" She had woken up to realize her entire closet and dresser were empty, all of her clothing lying dirty in the hamper or on the floor. Foolishly, she had stuffed all of the clothes into the washer at once. Then the combined washer/dryer unit died.

She looked at the bags of wet clothes, then back at her reflection. Well, I look like a bimbo in this outfit, but I guess it's better than the alternative. She looked back at the trunk of left-over Halloween and Christmas outfits. Skimpily-dressed Bimbo was definitely better than a werewolf or Santa's elf costume, especially in 105 degree July weather.

She wished again that John had left some of his clothes behind, but they were all with him on his extended trip. Sighing, she dragged the bags of wet clothes out to the two car garage, and began loading them into her car. She grabbed the spare set of keys from the garage work table, rather than running back inside for her normal set.

The Laundromat was located on the other side of town, in a rather beat-up neighborhood. As she parked she was glad to see that no one else was currently using the establishment. She would hate to be seen in her current attire.

Buffy filled three washing machines with her soggy, dirty clothes and set them up for a thorough wash cycle. She grimaced as she rubbed the thick dust off the machine dial. As she sat on the hot, cracked plastic seats that lined the front wall of the Laundromat, she wished that she had been able to find a dry pair of panties.

Sniffling from the dust, Buffy cursed the lack of an air conditioner. The large box fans that sat on various tables just stirred the dust up horribly.

After half an hour, the buzzers sounded and she began to load her wet clothing into the big dryers. It was only then that she realized she was out of quarters. She hastened out to her car, only barely remembering to hold her skirt down, and searched for her purse. As she feared, she had forgotten her purse at home. Why am I so being so dense lately? Cursing her forgetfulness, she shut the dryer door, and left the building. She hoped she could get back home and return before anyone else used the Laundromat.

When she arrived back at her garage, she tried to open the door. “Damn it, why did I lock this!” She looked at the single car key in her hand, and wished she had bothered to get her real keys. “I really, really need to learn to stop being so damn lazy.”

“I guess I can bring the wet clothes back here and hang them out to dry in the backyard.” She wasn't looking forward to spending most of the day dressed like a blonde bimbo, with her enlarged breast on display, but it that was what it took to teach her not to procrastinate in the future, so be it.

As she returned to the Laundromat, she was frightened to find the parking lot filled. At least a dozen families were now using the building. Finding a still empty spot next to the building, Buffy went inside reluctantly. Immediately, people began to stare at her. She could feel their eyes watching her, reading the slutty “Pucker Up” message on her tank top. She noticed several teenage boys in the back of the laundry staring at her in shock. She couldn't help but feel dirty. Thankfully, her clothes were still in the dryer. As she started to unload them, a young woman walked up to her.

“Buffy? Is that you?”

Buffy turned, a look of terror on her face as she realized someone she knew had seen her in her bimbo outfit. Her face reddened deeply as she felt herself blush. Then she saw the young lady's face.

“Terry? What are you doing here?” Buffy said, starring at her 'friend' Terry from work. Of God, not Terry! That stupid bimbo will tell everyone about this!

“Well, I ran out of detergent and they have it here,” Terry nonchalantly jerked her head at the detergent dispenser on the wall. “I figured it was quicker to just hit the Laundromat rather than bother going all the way to the grocers. What in the world are you doing here in that outfit?! Aren't you embarrassed?”

Feeling terribly self-conscious, Buffy couldn't help but shrink up against the washer machines. She desperately wished the ground would just open up and swallow her.

“Did you get...” Terry looked around, then leaned in, whispering, “new tits or something? You're huge!”

Buffy's blush tripled. Of God, she noticed. This is just like that time she saw Tina's new tattoo, at the beach. She'll tell everyone! “Shh! They're a present, for John.” The teenage boys seemed to have overheard Terry, and were giving Buffy rude looks. Or rather they were giving her tube top rude looks. “Look Terry, I'm very sorry, but I really just need to get back home so I can put these out to dry.” She frantically started emptying the dryer again.

“Wait, those aren't dry yet? Oh, do you need some money or something, 'cause I've got a roll of quarters if you want some?” Terry offered out the roll.

Buffy looked at the quarters with trepidation. It would take at least an hour and probably more to dry her clothes. An hour she would have to spend here, in front of all of these people. But if she took them home, it might take all day for them to dry. And with this outfit on, she'd have to stay inside until the clothes were done. With a slight grimace, she accepted the quarters.

Terry watched her reload the machine and feed the quarters in one by one. “Don't worry, your secret is safe with me.” She said, nodding at Buffy's new endowments. Sure it is. You'll be on skyBook in five minutes telling everyone about my “secrets”.

Thankfully, Terry then went back to her own machines and left Buffy be.

Buffy sat down on the hot cracked plastic seats again, and was again reminded of her lack of panties. Across from her, the boys sneaked glances at her buxom form. Their mothers following their stares back to Buffy on her seat, and glared at her angrily. She tried to ignore them all.

After a while, Buffy began to wish she had brought her skyPhone or a book to read. Instead she just had to sit quietly and wait. The minutes dragged on, and on.

Suddenly, she sneezed. Stupid dusty Laundromat! Stupid fans! She tried to fight back another sneeze and failed, and then failed again. When the sneezing fit finally ended, she sighed with relief. Suddenly, she realized that everyone was staring at her. A series of loud clicks came from the boys, who she now noticed were holding their own phones out. Then she felt the light breeze dance across her chest.

She looked down at her bare breasts!

“Oh no!” I probably shouldn't have worn my nipple rings today!


  1. A nice little double act today.

    Really liked the 'reluctant bimbo' angle you took with Buffy - embarrassed by her fake boobs, nipple rings and skimpy outfit, but everything she does leads her inevitably to her own demise.

    Sorry to hear your struggling with a bit of writers block at the moment. Hopefully more comments will lead to inspiration!

    1. I agree with Ian -- I love the sort of scenario in which each decision is innocuous in itself, but combines with all the others to result in an inevitable disaster.

      If for no other reason than that it all feels so familiar to me . . . .

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