Monday, September 23, 2013

Mosquito Bites - 2 TG Caps

In honor of Steffi/Britney's return, I'm going to make a few tg/crossdressing caps. These two are the first. They don't have quite the economy of words that her caps do, and they aren't as pretty, but hopefully they share a bit of the same flavor as her captions.

I hope you enjoy these, even if you don't enjoy TG in general. :-)

Also, I had to work this weekend, but I've focused mostly on completing Angela's Last Resort 3, and I'm about 5-6k words into it now. I'm going to end up with a fourth to finish the series, but I think I'm just a few thousand words from finishing ALR3. So hopefully I'll have that ready to be published sometime soon.

- B-Rex


  1. TG is not my cup of kink, but these are well-done. Their wordiness does not detract.

  2. Not my fetish, but great layering as usual on the motivation and punishment details. For the bimbo-speak on caption 1, it might have been a little bit more vivid if he'd been forced to slur all three words: "Awww, maaaahh, GAAAAWWWD!"

  3. i love all your work but tg is my favorite


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