Sunday, September 22, 2013

Tessa's Nightmare 4: Permission

A new Tessa Office Bimbo caption, with more blowjob action! :-)

In light of Steffi/Britney's wonderful return at long, long last, I think I'll make a few TG/Forced Crossdressing captions in the next few days.

And of course work continues on ALR3, which is looking more and more likely to require a 4th ebook to finish the series properly. For those who have read ALR2, I've got a few ideas with the cameras that I want to play with.


  1. It's always nice to ask for permission, even though she can't say "pretty please" with her mouth full :-)

  2. I *love* that even when on her knees, blackmailed into sucking off a teenager with collagen-enhanced lips she still has an attitude. :)

  3. I was hoping and hoping ALR2 wouldn't be the last of "the cameras". That's wonderful to hear! :D

    And it sounds like Monica has come up with a way to coax some unknowing assistance from the interns now, by giving them bits of leverage to ask for "customizations" to their service. Also a very nice development.

  4. Marvelous, Tessa's predicament gets better by the hour, Monica sure is getting creative. Hopefully she will make sure to hear the interns' suggestions when plotting the next steps. And maybe get her to style her professional-looking hair in pigtails for better grip while servicing. ;D

  5. Interesting. This one goes into a good deal more "porny" detail than your usual captions. You do the detailed descriptions well.
    And yes, Tessa's wretched situation deliciously keeps on getting worse -- more, more! Make her the company whore, Monica!


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