Monday, September 9, 2013


Just a quick revenge-themed bimbo transformation caption for Monday.

Hope you all enjoy,

- B-Rex


  1. I absolutely love the combo of Reduced Status and Public Humiliation. I can't complain AT ALL about the final result, but while gluing her hands to her stinky blonde hair is a lovely plus(not to mentoin it saves money on scrunchies! ^.^ ), but the constant hilarious pratfalls and inability to carry orders properly will surely make sure the business will finally crash and burn... though with much style, I admit! XD

    Seriously, I just LOVE this image.

  2. Her facial expression is wonderfully fitting for a humiliation story. I wonder if it was like that before, or if you had to adjust it a little.

    With her hands kept in a much better place, I can imagine that there'll be plenty of "helpful" grasping to keep her upright at the car windows while she takes their orders, and poking/slapping to spur her off on her way. Or maybe her non-existent skill could even force her to "hook" her nice big rack on the bottom of the rolled-down window and into the car while she stands beside it. She'll get better eventually of course, but by then the customers will have come to expect it, and Angie certainly won't tolerate letting them down like that. More special displays, humiliating routines, and other "services" could even have their own section on the menu soon.

    May your meager "assets" grow considerably in the near future Jennifer. :D

  3. i love your bimbo captions such perfect writing, the best chosen pictures and such great details, 12 sticks of cinnamon gum!

    would ever do a bimbo cap involving a change for Hilary and/or Chelsea Clinton? or would be too controversial?*

    *i'm not a republican or anything I just think they have the furthest to fall

  4. The story is wildly nonsensical, but it fits perfectly with the photo, so it still succeeds in entertaining.

    I live Meisa's helpful suggestion that our heroine secure herself against the car by resting her knockers on the window. What a delicious display she'd make, what a temptation to the customers!

    I also think a Clintonian or other political cap would be fun. I really enjoy the ones at Transgressive Fantasy.


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