Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Bitch's New Suit

Here's a nice tale of revenge, role reversal, and fetish clothing!

It looks like my "cap-per-day" is actually turning into a "cap-every-other-day", but that ain't half bad either. :-)

- B-Rex


  1. love your captions when ever you can post them

  2. It's still quicker than I dish my caps, anyway, so I can't complain. :P

    And I love pretty much everything in this cap(big surprise, ha ha), but I really love the fact that the setup to this one is practically a cap on itself. It's humiliation dished as revenge for humiliation. It's amazing, really.

    Sequel-O-Matic Moment: what would happen if other companies saw the viral success of the condom campaign? Would Layla see herself forced into a jumble of corporate-mandated costumes? ^.^

  3. Yes, humiliation avenged with humiliation, and so the cycle continues.

    A sequel would be very enjoyable -- so would a prequel, for that matter, showing how Rita wound up in her wretched situation (maybe Rita is herself not so innocent...?).

  4. What happens to her after this though? I'm left wondering if she has to do more such jobs or quits?


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