Sunday, October 27, 2013

Her Dream Job

Here's another game-show caption. Much of the basic premise came out of a very helpful YIM session I had last night. It's a bit simple, but fun. I hope you all enjoy it! :-)

And I wasn't going to post this, but I know my productivity has plummeted this month, so here's a bonus caption:

I made this before the Ducked Up! caption in the last post, as I was originally planning on making a short series. But the cap just never really came out the way I wanted. The Ducked Up! ended up being roughly the same idea, but with slightly different names.

The series I was planning would have ended with the professor getting real breasts, along with her permanent duckface piercing, but whatever.

Just Ducking Around
- B-Rex


  1. two good fun captions I think there is a lot more potential in the game show posts

  2. Oooh, a fluffer contract! I wonder if they have a dental plan! ^.^

    Also, a nice prequel to the Duckface cap. Makes me feel a lot less sorry for her later on. XD

  3. Your setup in the "Ducked Up" prototype version is really great. It not only lays out a nice, long trend of bitchiness to help season the comeuppance point, but hints at the young doctor getting a little "DDD" payback mockery in her name or initials a few slides later on.

    I can't say for sure about a dental plan for Nicole's new position, but I think it's extremely likely she can expect to receive at least a couple big "company perks". ;)

  4. Mmmm, I do like the idea of replacing falsies with "realies" (or anyway, permanent "fakies").
    Sort of like the old horror story gag where the criminal tries to peel off his ugly-face mask so he'll never be identified but -- oh, no! The mask has become his actual face, so he'll not only be arrested, but have to spend the rest of his life looking like that! Dr. Dikes becoming a permanent duckie-girl is an interesting variation on that theme.

  5. Love both, but especially the game show. Sure there is much more to come there!


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