Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ducked Up

This isn't my best caption, but I wanted to do something with this morph. I like the basic idea of it. Pity the original picture was such low quality. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this.

I've got some ideas for more game-show themed captions, like in my last post. I'll try to get some made over this weekend.

Right now I'm trying very hard to finish a new ebook, a Halloween-revenge story. I hope to get it published before the 31st, but no idea if I'll be able to or not.

I'm also trying to finish a story based on my old series, Pet. I might just publish what I have, and write the rest as a sequel to finish it up. I'm not sure yet.

As for my Bubblegum Bimbo ebook, I'm thinking of scrapping most of what I have written already. On second thought, I think most of it would actually work better as part of a sequel to The Plastic Surgeon's Revenge, which I plan to write soon. I've got a few ideas to work in, forced exercise and more body-mods, mostly.

Thanks for all the comments recently, I really enjoy reading them. :-)

- B-Rex

PS. I've finished a short vignette I'll post on Humbled Harlots. It's under 1,500 words, but still too long to be a caption.


  1. Hm, not bad... not very juicy, but still very fresh.

    And I don't know if body mod and forced exercise works with Bubblegum Bimbo's premise, really. It's more a behavior/makeover/hammering in the fact that she's now a bimbo story, I think. ^^

  2. I really like your new cap by the way.

    I'd comment on it, but I'm not very Tumblr literate. Hopefully you see this message, though. :-)

    - B-Rex

    1. Aww, thank you! :)

      Yea, Tumblr is a bit of a mess with comments... >.< I set up an Ask page, perhaps then at least people can get to me easier now. :)

  3. Well I think it is bloody marvelous! Could you imagine the horror? Very Halloween.

  4. You worked quite well with the photo, I thought, using it to good effect.

  5. You worked quite well with the photo, I thought, using it to good effect.


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