Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lick It Good!

A quick cap inspired by a IM chat a few days ago...

 - B-Rex


  1. This is a realy great idea, i would love to see more about this game show :)

  2. Oh goodness gracious, this is one hell of a fun caption! XD

    This is an interesting take on such humiliation, when the character does it all by her own volition(to some extent). She could have dropped off earlier or not entered, but I guess the risk of becoming a perma-made-up bubblebutted slut is all fine for the 500K. ^.^

    And yes, I'd also would like to see more game show themed captions.

  3. yeah do more about this game show it sounds like a really fun and expandable idea.

    sorry for the maybe small pun

  4. Ah, I have some very fond memories of IM chats . . . .


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