Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Run, Cheryl, Run!

I wanted to post this yesterday, but my internet connection was down. So here it is today, a chastity belt/ predicament bondage caption. This is largely inspired by the female chastity caps from the A Fork in Chastity blog.

I wanted to keep more of the original pic, but the cap got a bit long. Sorry about that. :-)



  1. fork in the road is a great site though the wwud captions are not my thing love this chastity tale.

  2. Deliciously cruel, even though chastity has never appealed to me (in any sense of the word).

    Orgasm denial? I much prefer orgasm quotas, personally.

  3. Like the anger on her face. Very well done caption to fit in the clothing she has, chastity not usually my thing but you made it fun.

  4. hehe I need to get a boyfriend like that! Dr. Psycho's idea sounds fun too

  5. Perfect! I would love to see more captions involving chastity predicaments.

  6. Please more like this! Tricked into chastity rules!


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