Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Guest Post: The Narc by Couture

(UPDATE: Oops, turns out there were actually 6 caps, not 5. I've added the 6th below.)

Happy Humpday, everyone!

Today I have 5 caps to share with you, from one of my favorite writers, Couture. These caps are based loosely on one of Couture's stories, called The Narc. It's one of my favorite age-regression / mind control stories, and I urge you all to check it out. There is also a prequel story, that is also fun. I've reread The Narc several times.

Many of Couture's stories deal heavily with themes of forced/reluctant lesbianism, and occasionally forced feminization themes as well.

Recently, Couture has started out on the road of self-publishing, and now has a new ebook out about cuckqueaning, called Pursuing Penny: A Cuckquean Story. I've read a draft of this story, and rather enjoyed it, even though cuckqueaning isn't exactly one of my fetishes. But then, female humiliation is always fun for me. :-)

Couture has also begun a tumblr blog, which I've linked to on the bloglist to the left.

The Caps are after the break, and the fourth caption is a 1mb gif file, with the caption posted under it. I'll try to finish some caps of my own for later in the week, but right now I'm on a roll writing my Midnight Surgeon story, and will focus on that until it's finished. Have a fun humpday!

- B-Rex

Cap 1

Cap 2

Cap 3

Cap 4
“Maggie, I need out!” the young officer begged her handler.

“What's wrong Lizzy?”

“It's Eliz- just I need out okay. Or you need to come her and straighten things out. The headmaster thinks I'm a student.”


“They...” Elizabeth felt her cheeks grow hot. “They believe in corporal punishment here.”

“Big deal,” Maggie said. “You are a grown woman.”

Elizabeth's cheeks burned even hotter. “It's more complicated.” Because she no longer felt like a police officer, much less a grown woman. Day after day, “Lizzy, skirt and panties down and assume the position.” Over and over again. She'd begin to cry just from hearing those words.

“Being bad is the way to get in with kids who do bad things.” Maggie explained.

“I know – but” Elizabeth stammered. She'd long since given up on being bad. She wanted to be good more than anything except getting out of this hell-hole. “Can you please just give the headmaster a call?”

“Hold that thought, the captain is calling.” Maggie hung up the phone, smiled knowingly, and then called the mayor.

Cap 5

Cap 6


  1. it ended a bit abruptly but good fun

  2. It inspires me to want to read the original story, which may have been the intention. ;{ )

  3. Couture's been one of my favorite authors for years! It's great to see some captions, and a tumblr page, from him.

  4. Thank you very much for posting that! I've been a huge fan of Couture's writing for years, with Almost There Already being one of my all-time favorite stories (I've tried to find similar stories, dealing with "pretend lesbianism", but no luck...). I can't say I am a huge fan of mind control, but the combination of age regression and loss of status always work for me. I didn't realize Couture had a tumblr page and is now publishing, definitely something to watch!


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