Saturday, March 22, 2014

Another Amazon Censorship Crisis

Ugh. I've been super busy the past few days with Real-Life issues; first I had a minor surgery a few days ago, then I spent all day Friday driving across my home state, and now when I finally get home, I find out that Amazon has blocked two more of my ebooks.

All the times before they only suspended my ebooks, which meant I could still edit them, and maybe fix whatever it was that was ticking off their censors. But now they've outright blocked Angela's Last Resort 1 & 2, pretty much ruining my series, at least on their site. And since they are now blocked entirely, I can't edit them and fix the issue.

I'm not really sure what to do at the moment; if I resubmit them, with a different synopsis they might accept them, or they might get annoyed and block my whole account. Impossible to know. Both have been up on the site for months now, and suddenly they aren't good enough for Amazon. (Not that Amazon is offering to return the +30% they took from each sale, of course.)

Until I figure out what to do, I can't really mentally focus on captions or writing. Sorry. I'll try to keep this hiatus short. Hopefully I'll figure something out. For now though, if you want to purchase these blocked ebooks, they are still available at the following links:

Angela's Last Resort

Angela's Last Resort 2

For now though, I'm going to bed; I'm too tired to think about all this right now. See you all later, hopefully soon.

- B-Rex, aka Tabitha Kohls


  1. So very sorry to hear that.

    I haven't yet had any trouble from Amazon (touch wood), but I haven't posted as many as you, either, and a couple of mine I *know* they wouldn't allow, so I haven't bothered.

    Restore your spirits and treat yourself with kindness, especially when the world is not.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. I hate to say it though, but Amazon seems to be wading through their inventory, just looking for stuff to cull. Some of their staff are clearly using a totally different set of criteria for what they deem acceptable and not. Hopefully you'll be passed over or fall through the cracks.

      - B-Rex

  2. My deepest sympathies on your latest bout with bureaucracy and censorship. I admit I've always been buying the books through your Amazon links because it seemed the most convenient, but if they're going to keep acting like this I'll happily just buy them through other vendors. Or actually, I'll also switch if another of them lets you keep a bigger % of the sale than Amazon does.

    ALR is still my very favorite of all your works so far. I love it immensely. Hope you're able to resolve this problem one way or another soon.

  3. I can't sleep; keep worrying I'll wake up and my whole catalog will be gone. :-(

    Thanks for your sympathies, Meisa. If I didn't know full well that Amazon is my biggest potential market, I'd just focus on one of the other ebook-sellers instead; I've largely ignored Kobo because of its own censorship problems.

    As it happens, Smashwords actually gives me the biggest % of each sale of all vendors, usually about 25 cents more than Amazon. I just know that most people buy through Amazon, so I tend to link there. Maybe not so much in the future.

    - B-Rex

  4. I'll keep in mind that smashwords benefits you the most. When i do buy your books it's usually through Amazon but since they keep jerking you around i'll be willing to go to smashwords


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