Monday, March 17, 2014

Plugged Up

Well, I wanted to do some Leprechaun captions for St. Patrick's Day, but I could only find bad screenshots from those old Leprechaun horror movies, and none of my ideas really clicked anyway.

So instead, here's two predicament bondage caps. I hope that is satisfactory, :-)

I've had several good predicament bondage ideas lately, of which this is just one. So I'll probably do some more of these in the next week or so.

- B-Rex

P.S. I'm also trying to figure out what to write for my next ebook. I can't decide to work on a sequel to something (The Plastic Surgeon's Revenge, probably), or try another age-regression tale, or some more medical-play stories. I'd love to hear if any of you have a preference. No promises, but it might help me come to a decision. :-)


  1. Since you asked, I'd definitely vote for another age-regression story. There's a lot of them out on the web, but few good ones, so more are definitely needed!

  2. what a fun boyfriend, sounds a fun situation to be in!


  3. Awesome caps! Devious! My story vote would echo my comment at the HH blog- would love to see your bimbo piece continued! Of the others, though, Id lean towards the age regression- personally I've always had a thing for the 'back to school' idea, especially if it involves academic humiliation; ie failing exams, coming across as a ditz, being forced to get a reputation... That sort of thing!

  4. No St Patrick's Day idea? I could envision a grumpy redhead being forced to accept her roots and a beer enema somewhere, but now it's too late, I suppose. :P

    Besides, love the caption, love the twist at the end. Fantastically evil! XD

    And um... didn't you have a bimbo secretary story going on a while ago? Something related to that Oz caption? I'd love to see that, yea. :3

  5. I'd like to see the Plastic Surgeon's Revenge sequel personally. Looking forward to more predicament bondage!


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