Monday, March 24, 2014

A Quick Ebook Update

I'm hard at work on a new caption (honest!), but I wanted to mention that I have resubmitted my ebook, The Doll, to Amazon a few minutes ago. Now it is entitled The Living Doll, and has a different cover.

As much as I love the old boob-oriented cover, I think it got the story flagged by Amazon's sales-killing adult filter. I've noticed that, despite being brand new this month, it wasn't showing up in my searches on Amazon. The adult filter hides stories from the main search; to see the filtered stories, you have to actively select the Kindle Store in the search bar. Which most people don't seem to know, yet.

I have also successfully gotten Angela's Last Resort 1 back on Amazon. I still need to get Angela's Last Resort 2 back up, but for right now I'm going to focus on making a few new captions for you all. Thanks again for being patient while I deal with all this. :-)

- B-Rex

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