Thursday, March 27, 2014

Apple Pie 2

Today's cap is a continuation to an old cap I posted some time back. For convenience's sake, I'm just going to post both capped-pics together right here.

Also, Couture's Guest Post was supposed to have 6 caps, not just 5, so I'm added the 6th here too.

Apple Pie 1
Apple Pie 2

If there are any other sequels you'd like to see, or any ideas you'd like in a cap, let me know in the comments. :-)


Couture's The Narc caption 6


  1. Fun cap! For sequels I'd like to recommend either full service (with maybe Zlata as a model. Not quite gordon-esque but could be interesting), or Spaced (From the captain's perspective)

  2. That sequel worked out so well, I am going to have to look through the older caps and find some to nominate, as Ditzah has.

  3. Hmmm... I see a sneaky takeover and a life of humiliation in store! Heeheehee! ^.^

    For sequels... I'd love to see new takes on "The Bitch's New Suit", "Who Let The PAWG Out" and, if I may request a further sequel, "Political Burden"! ^.^

  4. Fully agreed with Leila. The second Apple Pie cap goes out on a very exciting cliffhanger build-up. Expertly paced, and I can't wait to see what other extreme "Stepford Wife" changes/orders are in store for her.

    For sequel suggestions, perhaps:
    - Melinda Saves The Day
    - Second Thoughts
    - Tina's Pom-Poms

  5. my main captions pref is forced femme captions but Apple Pie was brilliant one of the best things you've done such humiliation and verve and wit which reminds me in the best way of Alyssa's caps (Making Maidens)

  6. where did you get the picture of the girl on the bed i would like to see more of her


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