Saturday, June 8, 2013

Guest Post: Prank War 2013 - Hearing by Kimmy Foster

(Note: I meant to post this yesterday, but I hit save instead of publish, and didn't notice till I got back home from work. Sorry :-( )

This is a wonderful ten-caption series by Kimmy Foster, continuing the Prank War saga into its next episode. This series deals with the fate of Ashlynn and Maria, two EZ-girls who were last seen being forced into an unwanted lesbian marriage in the last episode of Prank War Grand Finale.

On a somewhat related note, all this Prank War caption making has gotten me thinking, and now I've started working on a new ebook about a male college student accidentally forced to pledge a sorority, and pretend to be female. Sort of a male-version of Peezy, really. I've got a feeling that it'll be a longer story than my other ebooks have been so far, maybe 30,000 words or so, so the price will probably be higher than my normal $2.99.

Anyway, Kimmy's ten caption series is after the break, as usual. I really like this series, but then I always like Kimmy's forced lesbian captions. :-)

Be sure to comment and let Kimmy know what you think!

- B-Rex


  1. Very hot! I loved the reveal of the photos and how everything Ashley said was turned against her. Nice work Kimmy!

  2. Love this set Kimmy I tried an a Ashlynn follow up but was not happy with it basically she ended up forced to take male hormones became more butch and grew a pair of balls to go with her stretched clit. Hey just an idea for a follow up hint hint.

  3. Yes, poor Ashley follows in the grand tradition of hero(in)es who dig themselves in deeper, and are only further humiliated as a result....


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