Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Princess - TG Cap!

A real quick one this time. I've been having trouble getting ideas to click, lately. So don't expect many new caps until my muse wakes up again.

Still, this is my first new TG cap in a long time, hope you all like it!

 - B-Rex

PS: I also posted my next ebook, a sequel to Wishing Stone Revenge. It isn't up on B&N yet, though.


  1. Nice one. Love the lisp and noticed that botox is a recurring theme of yours - a mask of serenity hiding inner turmoil. :)

    Will Molly take her 'boyfriend' further down the path of sissydom?

  2. I adore this. Your talents are wasted on real girls. ;)

  3. The lisp was maybe a bit overdone, but no doubt it helped prevent the guys from recognizing his voice.
    TG and CD do not turn me on, generally speaking, which is too bad, since most humiliation stories feature nothing but. Still, this is a good one, and I did like the threat of giving the poor guy real knockers.


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