Saturday, June 15, 2013

Undercover Boss - TG Edition

Another quick single capped pic for you all! This is an idea I had for an ebook, which I might still write as I think it's a pretty good setup for a decent forced-crossdressing story.

Anyway, this is obviously partially inspired by a certain TV show (no pun intended), and also largely inspired by one of Alyssa's old caps and one of my favorites, found here.

At the moment, most of my energy is going into finishing my next ebook. I'd planned on completing my Sissy-Trapped-in-a-Sorority story this weekend, but I got stuck. I'm probably going to have to rewrite a good portion of it. I just can't make myself ignore plot, for some reason.

Anyway, now I'm hard at work completing an unexpectedly complex forced lactation story, which will feature many different and bizarre types of milking machine robots. If that's your thing, you'll probably like it. Especially if you're a fan an 80's Sci-fi/Action flick called The Running Man. :-)

Undercover Boss
Hope you all enjoy this caption, and let me know if you've got any nasty ideas for a sequel, or better yet, want to continue it yourself. I've got lots of pics of maids to work from, and I think this could be easily made into a short series. :-)

- B-Rex


  1. Well, I hope the shareholders appreciate this.

    Be a shame if Harvey were to lose his job, and wind up having to wear that maid's uniform for years to come....

  2. Yes definitely scope for heaps more humiliation here.

  3. Then the twist is that his empolares have been watching the show all along :P

    Ooh, ooh! Maybe there's a "Trading Spouses" version of the show where employees working on different countries trade places... And because of a "mistake" he gets entered and has to spend more time as a maid... In Japan! XD

    Never mind my silly imagination, just keep your game going! ^^


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