Saturday, June 22, 2013

Princess 9

Happy Saturday! Here's the cap I was going to add on the last post. Just a little crotch-tattooing for Princess Patty!

And since I'm on a bit of a sissification kick lately, I've also written a new ebook, called Pledge Week Revenge: Sissy Makeover. Right now it's only up on Smashwords, but it'll be up on Amazon in another day or so.

It's about three Nu Rho Delta (NRD) Fraternity pledges getting caught by the EZ-girls during an attempted pantyraid, and being forced to take part in their Pledge Week initiation rites. They get dressed up by the EZ pledges and forced to crossdress. Has a bit of body piercing, and shaving/hair removal, if you're into that.

The tale is standalone in its own right, but I left the ending opened for more sequels. I've got four more stories planned out right now, as the three boys are further humiliated during Pledge Week, including more body mods - like tattooing.

Tomorrow or Monday, I'll post a link to the Amazon version, as well as a caption more-or-less inspired by my new ebook, along the lines of these TG caps.

Hope you all have a fun weekend, :-)

- B-Rex


  1. If Princess Patty hadn't got the message before about her relationship status with Jake, she has now. :)

    Nice title image for your blog, by the way. :)

  2. What more can be done to Princess Patty? Or is this the final chapter?

    No, surely the end will be more complete than this, possibly involving a for real for true marriage license such as are now available in several states.


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