Thursday, June 13, 2013

Princess 2

Found this pic on my hard drive a little while ago, and couldn't help but think it fit yesterday's Princess cap too well to not make a quick sequel.

Hope you all enjoy it,

- B-Rex


  1. you should do captions in any genre that inspires you

    but forced femme is my fav and you are amazing at it! i would love to see more and cute fur vest too x


  2. It's absolutely LOVELY to see you bring the boys to play your games, too! I seriously wouldn't mind to see some caps like these once in a while! ^.^

  3. Oh, excellent! I thought 'Princess' was definitely a caption with series potential, so it's great to see a sequel. Special mention goes to the 'glow in the dark' facial tattoos.

    One final caption with 'Patty' married to Jake would round off the series nicely... (hint hint!).

  4. Tsk, poor Patrick -- I'm guessing Molly strung him along, claiming she would forgive him if he went through with playing Patty. Now he has lost even that.
    And getting away from the bar may involve losing still more....


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