Sunday, June 2, 2013

Prank War 2013: Trapped in Honeywell

Sorry about the sudden hiatus, my area of the world is getting pretty heavily hit with storms right now. My power and internet have been very intermittent the past four or five days, and now my basement is flooding. And there's more rain coming too. I can't wait for July and August; no rain, no wind, just painfully hot weather for two months.

Anyway, I managed to finish my next story, Angela's Last Resort, but lost power before I could upload it to Barnes & Noble. It is up at Smashwords, and Amazon, though. Oh, and I'm slowly starting to add stories at too.

The new story is a much lengthened, more detailed version of my old caption, Last Resort. A fair amount of humiliating medical/gyno play, enema's, and bondage. Some body modifications mentioned towards the end, but only a bit. The tale is more bdsm story than anything else. Nearly 11,000 words long though.

Anyway, I've also finally gotten a chance to work on my captions again. :-)

So here's 3 new captions, showing more of Private Investigator Mandy's experiences in Honeywell Academy as student Emma Dumas. I'm thinking I can wrap this part up in the next installment, then have look in at some other old Prank War characters.

Caps after the break, hope you all enjoy! With any luck, I'll be able to get back into a more regular schedule once the weather improves.

- B-Rex

Day 12

Day 15

Day 22


  1. I am loving the new prank war set. is there going to be a back story with Janet can't make up my mind if she is just a ditz or if she is getting a kick out of seeing her boss suffer?

  2. Oh dear, poor Mandy is not enjoying her predicament at all - although everyone else seems to be!

    Looking forward to the next part - will Mandy escape or will her diligent assistant ensure you remains inside to 'enjoy' everything an education at Honeywell can bring? What's up with her nipples? And how does PZ fit into this equation?

  3. Boy, somebody really *really* doesn't like our poor Mandy, does she...?

  4. she should run away only to have janet be the one with the key to her belt

  5. Loving the regression element, hoping that some of the Honeywell adjustments stick, and our poor Mandy ends up having to conduct the rest of the investigation in diapers after what's being done to her here.


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