Thursday, June 6, 2013

Prank War 2013: Nightmare in Honeywell

Here's the end of P.I. Mandy's undercover investigation in Honeywell Academy! 3 new caps, after the break.

The next installment will go up in day or two, Kimmy Foster sent me a great group of captions that will serve as the next episode in Mandy's investigation.

I hope you all enjoy these, :-)

- B-Rex

P.S. In case anyone is interested, I'm working on a sequel to Wishing Stone Revenge, should be up finished in another day or so. I'm having to rework the ending a bit. And after this is done, I've got a nice, long story to work on. :-)

PZ Investigation, Day 28

PZ Investigation, Day 30 A

PZ Investigation, Day 30 B


  1. B-Rex: that first cap is PERFECT. Two girls in (named!) chastity belts being dominated by the headmistress, Mandy being teased relentless and just as she's about to find relief... she wakes up just as frustrated as ever. Beautiful. :)

    And so she's finally... well, 'escaped' isn't the right word now, is it? ;)

    Let the investigation continue!

  2. My mind keeps imaging the moment she finds out her "catching up" has been on camera. Enjoyable story and nice way to get her out for future adventures.

  3. Well, she finally escaped that ol' frying pan, didn't she?


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