Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ozweld That Ends Well!

(UPDATE: This post's short mind control tale has been removed; a slightly longer version is now being sold as part of an ebook collection. Links to the collection are located on Humbled Harlots.)

I was trying to make short mind control cap bringing together two of my different recent mind control series (Marvelous, and my Jacob MC series), but the caption got a bit long.

I only really had one picture to use, and this cap took longer to set up than I had expected. Normally I trim down my captions until they fit my pictures, but I really liked the back-and-forth I had here, so I just decided to make it into a short story instead.

And it just got longer and longer, because I kept adding fun little ideas to add to the humiliation; now it's over 1800 words of mind control fun!

Due to the length, I'm going to put the story after the break. I'm pretty sure you'll all like this; I know I'm happy with it. :-)

Please let me know what you think,

- B-Rex
Kneel before Ozweld
Ivanna Gobblecocks


  1. Great short story, think he should of had the house and car to though.

  2. I'm with Ian. He ought to move into her house, and have her take on the role of housekeeper when they're at home.

  3. Actually, I was just imagining that something along those lines would be in the works anyway. With only a near-minimum wage salary, she's suddenly going to need some extra income to pay for those F-cup implants. As well as a new, more "appropriate", wardrobe that fits them.

    Jacob could generously find some after-hours or weekend "work" for her. Or another idea is that he simply gives her a loan outright...and the only tiny thing she needs to do in exchange is merely sign a basic legal agreement stating that until the loan is paid back in full, her F-cup chest is considered...to be his property. Just her chest. Nothing important, like her new collection of clothes, makeup, or other accessories. The only thing Jacob will have is the right to decide how they're dressed (or not), how they're used, and where they should be throughout the day. You know, silly, meaningless, ceremonial power. Boy would she be sly if she could manage to manipulate him into making that agreement, huh?... :)

    1. A girl selling her boobs as property... that's a neat idea right there.

      I know you can insure body parts; singers insure their voices and dancers their legs, sometimes. I wonder if a girl could get insurance on her chest. Lots of neat story/cap ideas littered in there, I think...

      And Ivanna is definitely going to be moving on-down! I expect she'll be living with her newly well-paid boss any day now, as his live-in professional assistant. She can assist him with his morning hard-on, his laundry, cooking, maybe occasionally polish the floors with her tits, that sort of thing. :-)

    2. Mmmm, I definitely like the idea of a woman with tits that are someone else's property. A lot of good horrible things that might happen, from being ordered to do things with them (things she would be horrified to do with her hands or mouth, perhaps) to having to get permission from the owner before letting her boyfriend touch them....

      Other body parts might be outsourced, also. The phrase "your ass belongs to me" is an obvious example.

  4. I gave to admit that this vignette didn't do all that much for me, but it's largely due to personal taste.

    I'm just not as into mind control stories where the main character's entire original personality is lost - I much prefer more subtle behavioral changes with the victim being aware that something is wrong but unable to control or change it.

    Having said that, top marks as usual for writing style and bimbo fetish. :)

    1. Well, I did try to keep most of her personality intact. She's still a self-centered bitch at heart, she thinks she's using Jacob, when he's actually using her. But whatever, no big deal anyway. I should do more bimbo stuff, I think.

  5. Loved this story. Reminds me of some of the stuff Chili Peeler did.



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