Sunday, July 22, 2012

Academic Leave

Another caption! I saw this picture, and a whole story came out of it in just a few minutes. It features both age-play themes, and several surgical procedures! What's not to love?

Edit: Hmm. It seems to have resized a bit smallish for my tastes, again. I think I can put the font a bit larger and make it more legible. Give me a moment.

Edit 2: Never mind. I think I'll just put the image itself up and put the text under it. I'll eventually upload the capped pic to my gallery on imagefap anyway.

Edit 3: Wow, that worked a lot better. I should probably just go back to writing short stories. My caps are always getting too big. Hmm.

Academic Leave
By B-Rex

The young Principal hurried across the school parking lot to her car. Finally, the year was over. Rosita Redenz took one last look at her school, and smiled. Starting tomorrow, she would be officially on Sabbatical for the next year. All to finish writing her book on proper teaching methods. Best of all, the school was actually paying her for the year off! She held back a laugh, as she turned back to her car.

She never noticed the white van parked in the next space. She never noticed the van's door open. She never saw the kidnapper reach out to her, syringe in hand. The needle plunged into her neck, and before she even realized what was happening, she was unconscious. Her kidnappers pulled her into the van, which sped off. Another kidnapper hopped into her car and drove it away. No one saw anything.


Rosita awoke in a dark room. As she rubbed the sleep from her eyes, the room suddenly brightened. Memories of her kidnapping came back to her, as she stared at the group of masked women. She started to say something, but one of the women held up her hand, silencing her. The woman slipped her mask off, and Rosita gasped! She recognized the woman!

Mary Higgins grinned at the shocked Principal. “Oh, yes my dear, we kidnapped you.” The other women took off their masks. She recognized them all. They were all the mothers of students attending her school, but why did they....Then she remembered, and winced.

“Yes, you know why we are here.” The other women smugly nodded at Rosita. “Three years ago, our school was ranked tenth in the state, then you became Principal. In less than two years, your pathetic unwillingness to discipline the students and your lackadaisical attitude dropped the school to dead last! The Governor has dropped funding, grants have dried up, and student test scores have plunged! My son lost his scholarship, because you waited too long to sign off on the counselor's paperwork!”

The other woman cried out in agreement, throwing in their own personal troubles with the young Principal. Rosita glared at the angry moms, but had sense enough to keep her mouth shut. She knew it would only make things worse to get in an arguing match with them. She would just wait, surely the police would be looking for her soon.

Finally, Mrs. Higgins raised her hand, and the women grew quiet again. “But that isn't the worst part. Oh, no, not by a long shot! The worst part is this!” She held up a newspaper, with Rosita's face on the front. PRINCIPAL BLAMES LOW TEST SCORES ON PARENTAL NEGLECT

Rosita tried to defend herself. “Well now, hold on, let me explain. The reporter wanted to interview me on the school's collapse in the rankings, I couldn't very well tell them I was to blame! I'd have been fired! You have to understand, I didn't really mean to blame everything on you, I mean, you know how reporters are, they sensationalize, they make everything controvers --”

Oh, shut up! You were too immature to admit your own mistakes and laziness, and blaming us was a convenient excuse. You used us all as a scapegoat, and now our wonderful school is a national joke. All because of you!. And now you think you can just run away from your mess for a year, to write a book on the school's dime? Ha! Not if we have anything to do about it.”

What are you going to do?” said Rosita, getting scared as the women closed in on her.

They pounced and dragged her kicking and screaming to metal table in the corner. In seconds she was strapped down tight. One of the women dragged a machine over to the table, as the other women began to cut her clothes off.

Mrs. Higgins leaned over the scared woman. “Gina here works as a nurse at Doctor Ander's clinic across town. She's going to give you a little liposuction, my dear.”

Rosita watched in horror as a topical anesthetic was wiped onto her large breasts. She quickly went numb. Then Nurse Gina started her work. In less than an hour, Rosita's breasts had been shrunk to a mere AA cup, at best.

Crying in humiliation, Rosita almost missed out on the next treatment. Another mother, who worked in the town's only salon, used electrolysis to burn away her pubic hair. Then she moved on to the legs, arms, and finally even Rosita's arm pits.

Amy, another mother whose child had lost a scholarship due to Rosita's incompetence, began to inject her throat with estrogen. “In a few days, your voice will go up at least an octave, and probably a whole lot more!”

Finally, the women dragged Rosita to a dentist chair and strapped her in place. She had given up fighting back. Mrs. Higgins, the only dentist in town, began to work on her teeth. When she was finished, she held a mirror out for Rosita to see. Rosita looked in terror at her mouth! The dentist had given her huge buckteeth! “I filed down the front incisors and put much larger caps on them.”

Nooo! Oh god! Rosita wailed shrilly, her voice already beginning to break higher in pitch. She couldn't believe how young she looked!

Suddenly, a woman Rosita didn't recognized walked in from the room's only door.

Is she finished then?

Mrs. Higgins smiled. Oh yes, I think our work here is done.

The woman turned to Rosita. Hello, Miss Redenz. My name is Abigail Lindershod, and I am the Dean of Honeywell Academy. I presume you have heard of us? We are top ranked in the state. I owed Mrs. Higgins here a favor, and now she has asked me to pay up.

Rosita looked back and forth at the two women in total confusion. Honeywell Academy? Of course she had heard of it, who hadn't? It was renown for both its excellent test rankings and its barbaric corporal punishment policies. Uh, it's nice to meet you, I guess. What does any of this have to do with me?

Dean Lindershod smiled a little too sweetly. Well, my dear, these women feel that your incompetence at your job is the result of your immaturity; your poor upbringing if you will. They have asked me to intervene, for your own good you understand, yes? The woman continued before Rosita could respond. Starting tomorrow, you will be officially enrolled in Honeywell Academy, as a student. I understand that this will all be very embarrassing for you, so I have taken the liberty of registering you under a different name.

She handed the transformed Principal a student badge. "You are now Rosey Redbottom, eighth-grade student at Honeywell Academy for Girls. Congratulations, very few of our applicants are ever accepted. You should be proud. This is quite an honor.

Rosita looked up at the woman, first in shock, then anger. You can't do this to me, you stupid Bitch! I'm an adult and a professional Principal and you can't just --

Rosey shrieked as the Dean slapped her, hard. A red hand imprint formed over her cheek.

Actually, my dear, I can. You just earned yourself a proper punishment, I will not abide disrespect from my students. Now, if you are a very, very good little girl, and you manage to keep your grades up, you will be allowed to return to your life in one year's time. If not, Miss Redbottom, then you will be attending my academy for quite some time indeed.

The Dean grasped the young woman's wrist firmly, and pulled her towards the door. Look at it this way, Miss Redbottom, instead of spending the year on Sabbatical, you'll be taking Academic Leave instead.

The mothers just smiled at each other as the incompetent former-Principal was led away to her new life.


  1. So, does everyone prefer that I just post the text of my captions, when they are resized too small to read?

    Or would you all prefer that I just split the stories up over two or more captions to keep them legible?

  2. Formatting is tricky. In this case, I think it would have worked out best to divide the text into three parts, each illustrated with one of the three images. That's how I would do it, anyway.

    As for the story itself, I like it a lot. More demotions and age regressions, please!

    1. Well I'm glad to hear someone else likes age regressions too!

      You are probably right with the formatting too. I tend too write in big bursts and make the caps quickly. I should probably put more time into staging the whole thing out, but I'm lazy. :)

      Anyway, I'll try to make a few more in the future.

  3. This is my favorite of your AR captions, and I'm not exactly a fan of AR but you just do them so well. ^w^

    1. Thank you for letting me know that, and especially that you aren't usually a fan of AR.

      I'd be very interested to know what it was about this particular cap that worked for you. I think this is my only AR cap that features anything like real surgery, the teeth capping thing.

      Or is it just that you liked the plot/characters, or even just the general sense of revenge?

      Because my other AR caps have been more or less consensual on the part of the protagonist, they just keep getting in over their heads.

      I'm writing a few AR related short stories right now, and so it would be very helpful for me to know what specifically worked for you in this cap.

  4. I'd like to say something more about the surgical aspects of the transformation:

    First of all, it does a good job of realistically depicting an age regression. The physical change would both help to disguise the victim's real age and also gives a huge blow to her self-image, making it easier to force her to comply with her "assigned" age and status.

    As for poor Rosey's voice, IANA(R)D, but I understand that an injection of Botox will paralyze the vocal chords for some time, and when speech finally returns, it will be higher-pitched and weaker for weeks afterward. Depriving a victim of speech would make it harder for her to connect with anyone who might believe her and/or help her in those critical first few days. A booster shot every month or so should keep the poor dear wandering between voicelessness and a breathy / squeaky little-girl voice. And the described alteration of Rosey's teeth might easily give her a lisp even without its being intentional.

  5. Very much enjoyed this. Nice picture and a good story built around it, partly for the reasons Dr Psycho gave. I thought the teeth change was an excellent touch


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