Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Balls Deep

Still busy this week, so here's a quick tale of a porn star, a tongue stud, and revenge!

I'm going to put the caption itself after the jump, for easier reading.

Balls Deep

“I said no Bill, and that's final!”

“Come on, Sammi! You can't just do these blowjob pictures forever, you've got to be able to grow and try new things to make it in this business.”

“I'm not some cheap ass slut looking for quick buck, Bill, I'm popular now! I don't have to lower myself to doing anal!”

“But --”

“But nothing, Bill! There are plenty of other pornstars that don't take it up the ass and they do just fine.“

“Maybe for a while, Sammi, but eventually they all have to expand their horizons. Maybe a few girls don't ever go that route, but they all have something that gives them an edge, huge fake tits or something like that.”

“Not all of them, Bill, that Clara bitch only does masturbation vids and she makes like ten times what I do.”

“Those type of girls are...well their...very pretty. That's their whole schtick; their all cute and innocent. Look, you have to be realistic Sammi, you're gorgeous, but your mean your --”

“Are you seriously saying I'm not pretty enough to not let guys fuck my ass?! You're a fucking pig, Bill!“

Before he could reply, Sammi stomped out of the room, and slammed her bedroom door. Bill sighed, and slumped down onto the couch. The adult film agent put his head in his hands in total despair. How could he make her understand, she wouldn't always be the new IT girl of porn? To keep her career alive she would have to adapt. Even now, her video sales were dropping. Two years in, her novelty was wearing off. He had tried new gimmicks, her nose ring, her new tongue piercing. They worked for a while, but never very long.

But how to convince her? Anal was big and popular now, especially in the overseas porn market. It was getting harder and harder for him to find her new gigs, everyone wanted to make anal flicks these days. An oral-only girl just wasn't what the directors were looking for.

Suddenly, Sammi burst back into the room, already dressed for her next film. Before he could apologize, she held up a hand.

“Save it, Bill. I didn't really know how to break this to you earlier, but I'm just going to come out with it: I've signed a contract, with, for the next 3 years. It starts tomorrow, which means today is our last gig together. I was actually sorry before, but frankly now I'm glad our relationship is ending. I'm sick and tired of your constant pushing me into doing shit I'm just not interested in doing, and I think this new contract is really for the best. Actually, today is my introduction film to the Jizzle Studios website subscribers, so it really kind of kicks off today. Anyway, you can either drive me to the shoot, one last time, and represent me there and earn your 10%, or I can grab a cab. I'll understand either way.”

Bill stared at her from the couch, in utter bewilderment. “A contract? But, we already have a contract, together, you can't just represent yourself behind my back!”

“Stop it, I've already talked to a lawyer, and he agreed, our contract ends at my discretion, and I say it is over after today.” She headed outside, purse in hand. “Now either give me a ride to the studio or not, but either way, get the fuck out of my house Bill.” She slammed the door. Bill sighed, and got up. He'd drive her to work, and collect his money after. Then he'd worry what he was going to do without his biggest client.

Two hours later....

“Ow! Fuck, stop bitch, stop! Fuck that hurts!”

“Dammit, cut!” Screamed the Director, “Mack, what the hell is the problem now?”

“Shit, stop pulling! Wait!” Mack grabbed Sammi's head in his hands and pushed her down into his crotch. “Fuck, that's better! Quit fighting, bitch! Just breathe through your nose or something.” Sammi calmed herself and tried to stop gagging on the pornstar's massive cock.

The Director said, “Well, what's the problem? She bite you or something?”

Mack gingerly released Sammi's head and she held her position. “No, you don't understand, she's got this ring or something on her tongue. It's caught on my piercing. It fucking hurt! But it's better as long as she stays balls deep on my cock.”

Trying not to laugh at the odd bug-eyed look on Sammi's face, Bill kneeled beside the two pornstars and carefully pried his client's lips back. She tried to say something, but almost choked. Snorting hard through her blaring nostrils, she focused on keeping her gag reflex in check. Bill turned back to the Director. “Yeah, they're stuck together all right. He's got a ring at the top of his scrotum and her tongue stud is completely caught in it.”

The Director smacked his forehead, then turned to the rest of the cast and crew. “All right everyone, shoots over. Fluffers, guys, let's call it a day. We need to get these two to a hospital or something.”

Bill looked around as the cameramen began to unhook their equipment, and the other pornstars and the fluffer girls started getting dressed. He was going to be out his final paycheck, he realized, on top of everything else. He looked back at Sammi, still buried headfirst in the porn stud's groin. Then an evil thought popped into his head. “Wait! We can still do the film!”

The Director stopped. “What do you mean? She's supposed to blow all of these guys, not just Mack.”

Bill laughed, “Don't you see? Look, Sammi was just arguing with me the entire ride over here. She's been pissed off lately that I won't let her do the real hardcore stuff. Especially anal! That's why she's striking out on her own now, anyway. So why not? It'll be my farewell present to her! Plus, her ass is cherry. And we've got ten well hung guys already here, they could break her ass in today! Hell, this is all about introducing her to your website subscribers, right? What better way than with her very first anal gangbang?!”

The Director mulled it over, as Sammi frantically tried to protest, launching into a snorting fit again. “Well, tempting as that is, her contract is only for oral and some softcore shit. Its a damn shame though, a first-time ass-busting caught on tape is bound to sell like mad! But I just can't violate her contract.”

Sammi snorted with relief! Thank god! Fuck you Bill! I'm so glad I fired your ass!

But Bill just looked into the fuming face of his former client, and smiled. “Oh, don't worry about that contract, I can sign off on any last minute edits; I'm still officially her agent for a few more hours. Let's get this film started!”

Sammi snorted her protest while the cameras were rolled back out. As a long line of men formed behind her, Bill leaned in and whispered, “Good luck with your new career Sammi. I just finished signing your new and improved contract. You are now the official Mascot of the Jizzle Studios Anal Films Division! All anal, all the time, every single film! Enjoy your new life, bitch!”

As the first man of many slid his way into her ass, Sammi Slammhard could only snort in rage.

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