Monday, July 30, 2012


I've made my first real series of captions, 5 all together! These are all sort of stand alone, but follow each other as well. I didn't really plan to make a series, but I just had a bunch of little humiliating scenarios that all fit together pretty well. I could probably write this all out as a story and make it better, but for now please enjoy these captions. I'm hoping you all like Sorority Slut stories as much as I do. :)

A young vice cop goes undercover as a pledge for the EZ sorority house, but gets caught. They blackmail her into becoming real member of their sisterhood and put her to work, making money for the group. In case anyone gets confused, the cop's real name is Maxine Calhoun but her fake identity is named Pussy Zucker, and her sorority sisters nickname her Peezy.

EZ PZ, part 1

EZ PZ, part 2

EZ PZ, part 3

EZ PZ, part 4

EZ PZ, part 5


  1. Excellent.

    Serial captions are a good thing, if you have the right photos. You made very good use of these -- including the one which wasn't even very naughty.

  2. There needs to be more stories and followups to EZ PZ.

    I saw there was a caption that had someone looking for her but I want more of ez pz's prostitution and forced lesbian lifestyle including more of her naughty box. Bonus on her having to really go thru some humiliating hazing. I could suggest stuff but you're damn creative

    hell toss in a rival from hs or the academy who she has to service for bonus evil

  3. Do Love PZ's predicament, still one of my fav series :)


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