Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Riding the Rail

The Sorority girls in my caps all have the worst potty mouths! Anyway, this is sort of a sequel to Scavenger Hunt, concerning the fate that has befallen the drug-dealer's partner in crime. I hope everyone enjoys it! :)

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Riding the Rail


The girls of Gamma Epsilon Kappa House laughed at the drug dealer's discomfort. The angry blonde looked back at them.

Something's tugging on my piercing! What the fuck did you geeks do to me?!”

The Sorority President laughed, “Well, Amy, we just swapped your normal clit ring with one made of rare-earth magnetic material. You wouldn't believe how strong that shit is. Be careful that you don't pull it out, that'd really hurt.”

The blonde tried to stand, but that just made the tugging hurt more. Slowly she sank down onto the rail, until finally her crotch landed on the metal surface. A loud metallic – DING – sounded as her clit ring hit the rail. She tried to get back up. “Ow! Hey, help me, I can't get up!” She screamed, panicking.

Don't worry bitch, this railroad's been obsolete for years, you'll be fine. Anyway, the EZ girls are busy finishing up with your stupid drug-peddling partner back in town, so they wanted us to take care of you. This is your last little task to complete before you both are totally free of the EZ House. I trust neither of you skanks will ever try dealing at an EZ party again, they hate that shit.”

Wait! I'll pay you bitches to just let me go! I've got money, you bitches aren't rich like those EZ skanks! I've got lots of money!”

Thanks, but no thanks, whore! Those EZ girls will owe us a favor for once, and that's worth more than money. Besides, you're already past the point of help. Now, your little clit ring is too strong a magnet to just yank off that rail, and since we glued it shut, you can't just take it out once we leave. Your final task is to drag your skanky cunt along this rail, until you get to the end, then you can just slide right off.
Now, you've got too choices, so listen up: One, you can keep going the way you are now, into the hills, about 6 miles down the track the line ends in a clean break where the company has been recycling the steel. Or, two, you can turn yourself around and slide cunt first back into to town about 2 miles, to where the line ends at the intersection of Wayne and 8th, just off campus. Your choice, Cunt!”

The GEK sorority sisters turned and began walking back to their cars. Amy watched them leave, then started dragging herself along the rain, into the hills. Her high heels and ackward position slowed her to a crawl. Worse of all, she could feel every single slight bump or scratch on the rail as her pussy slid along it.

Stupid fucking Bitches!”


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